Swancon Icks – PR1, Days of Wine and Rage

transcribed by Anna Hepworth

being a transcription of Page 5 of progress report one (May 1983) for Swancon Icks (#9)

Days of Wine and Rage

Bordello parties aside, there have yet been fund-raising activities all over the place. All good fun, though not always outrageously successful. One of our Gamez Days, for instance, would have been far more profitable than it was if we had not ordered heffalumpish quantities of foodstuffs to make Turk Burgers and Turkdogs (so called as they were the organic creations of former Swancon Eight Co-ordinator Greg Turkich), and then had only fifteen or so people turn up. That worked out at about six organic creations each. We did our best.

And e’en as I write Messrs Dave Luckett and Bob Ogden, and not so Messr Sally Beasley, are preparing a special dins, all black tie, and a wine waiter to dirty the tablecloth instead of doing it yourself, and fancy French names, like ‘deja vu’ which is French for “Haven’t I eaten this lump of meat once already tonight”, or “I think I’ve drunk too much”. Real top-class, ‘igh-brow nosh, in fact I think I’ll throw in the menu right here:

Chez Lapin

Potage du Laitue a’ la Creme

Poulet Royale au Limon
et Salade Vert

Boeuf Bourguignon et Legumes
au Saison

Poire Maison

Plat de Fromages et Cafe


Capel Vale Rhine Riesling ’82
Yalumba Bin 7286 Cabernet ’72

[image to the right of menu: caricature bald male with hands held wide saying “Such decadence”]

This affaire took place at South Warren, for those familiar with Westralian fannish abodes, and hence the title. And, as was added at the bottom of the menu, bon appetit. I hope to be at the next of these exclusive events.

And in the meantime this orgasmic slavish instinction to material need and wealth urges us on, here at Swancon Nine, Citadel of Capitalistic Slaverings. Gamez Day number three this weekend. Also, if at Syncon ’83, grab a copy of Dave Luckett’s Songs and Ballads, further proceeds are going to Swancon. “Songs and Ballads contains ten original songs, and six sets of lyrics to be sung to possibly recognisable tunes. There are also excellent illustrations by Peter Saxon. Highly recommended.”–Marc Ortlieb, Q36 3, and you can’t say fairer than that.

A final note: a number of events, such as the Gamez Days, are also organised as Melbourne in ’85 fundraisers. You see, we do have the good of all Australian fandom at heart. Isn’t nature wonderful?

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