SwanCon 7 – Program Book – Programme

transcription by Anna Hepworth

(being a transcription of pages 4 and 5, the fifth and sixth pages of the SwanCon 7 Program book)

Note that much of the programme* was presented in upper case – this has not been preserved



2pm Registration
Fanzine Workshop
5pm Opening Address (Committee)
8pm Opening Party
Slide Show


10am Panel: “Disabled in SF”
Fanzine Workshop
11am Sex Roles in SF
12pm Soviet SF
1pm Lunch Break
2pm Debate: “Fandom is Curable”
3pm Australian SF since the Victorian Era
4pm Round Table Discussion:
Arthur C. Clarke
Future Weapons
5pm Guest-of-Honour Speech
6pm Dinner Break
8pm Film: “Time After Time”




10am Auction
Fanzine Workshop
12pm Panel: Space Opera
1pm Lunch Break
2pm Science Fiction Quiz
3pm Panel: Future Music
4pm Mutants and Mercenaries
Round Table: Hyperthetical[sic] Plots of
Star Wars
John Varley
6pm Dinner Break
8pm Masquerade
Tin Duck Awards
Spon Wars


10am Silly Games or Fan Olympics
Includes: Frisbees, Tribbles, Earth Ball, Ped rally, Horizontal Mount Climb, Fannish Obstacle Race.

Fanzine Workshop

12pm Poetry
1pm Lunch Break
2pm Second Trial of Sacred Cows
3pm Discussion on Science Fiction Clubs
4pm Closing Address (Committee)


To the right of the programme midway down p5 there is a cartoon with a tall vaguely plant-like thing saying to a small roundish thing: “Tribbles you say – I wonder if we’re related?”

* Note that while we are referring to this as the ‘Program Book’, as per the front cover, this section is indeed titled ‘Programme’ (and ‘Programme (Continued)’).

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