Free e-Books?

by Chris & Elaine

Would you like to read Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950)? Original text and non-dusty? Then toddle off to the Project Gutenberg Australia site.

If you can’t find what you want there then try the American Project Gutenberg

Why two different sites I hear you say, because the copyright laws are/were different in different countries and what may be copyright free in Australia may not be free in the rest of the world, and t’other way around of course.

On the American site under SF (most popular) you can even find Phillip K Dick again because of loop-holes in the copyright laws.

If you get really excited then you can actually contribute to Gutenberg by helping prepare books for upload. Doing it all yourself is fairly tricky and tedious, but there is a site called Distributed Proofreaders where you can proof or format check a page at a time. There are frequently a few science fiction things going through, but there are a wide variety of genres on there.

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