Swancon 32 badge

Post by Doug Burbidge

Swancon 32 badge
Swancon 32 membership badge for Chris Creagh

Swancon 32, in 2007. (There’s a page behind that link and all.)

This badge is landscape mode, which I like — it leaves lots of room for the member’s name. “Chris” and “Creagh” are quite short names, but longer names like “Christopher” and “Bateman-Graham” would have used quite a lot of the available space.

And it uses two punch-holes — a very simple trick that prevents the badge from flipping backwards and presenting its blank face. (Conversely, if a con-goer wants to be anonymous for a while, they can deliberately flip their badge backwards and reasonably expect it to stay that way.) You can tell that it’s designed for two punch-holes because the logo is top centre, where a single punch-hole would be.

And speaking of which, the logo (and all other art and such like on the badge are nice and small, around the edges and out of the way. And yet the badge is distinctive, easily distinguishable from other years and other events.


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