Confusion (Swancon 19) badge

Post by Doug Burbidge

Confusion badge
Confusion membership badge for Doug Burbidge

Confusion was originally conceived as not-a-Swancon, but the two wound up merging. It was at the Perth International Hotel; as is the common fashion with hotels, the building still exists but that hotel has moved out and another moved in — it’s now the Mercure. The con reg desk was up one floor, and on the first night, the queue stretched down the stair case. I GM’ed a game of GKR, which is a BattleTech-like game, only massively simpler, and each player runs exactly one Giant Killer Robot, because each player is their own Giant Killer Robot. This tradition continues today in the form of the occasional live-action RoboRally game.

So: the badge. Still in a plastic badge-holder. Lovely art-deco font for the convention name. Art by Amy Pronovost in the corner, and my name, misspelled. And all on a dark blue field, for low readability. (Hobby horse! I iz on mine!)

Note also the high-tech antiforgery mechanism in the form of four shiny squares, recycled from Swancon 16. I’m betting someone went through the box(es) of office supplies that get handed from con to con and went, “Ooh! Look at that! I can use those!”

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