SwanCon the Collectable Card Game – Expansion Pack NextGen

By Chris Creagh

A hardcopy of the original game was downloaded from sccg.grfb.com on the 10/05/01 between 11.01 and 11.07am but unfortunately it no longer exists there. The subheadings were:
Goals, Aims & Ethics
Basic Cards
Expansion Pack 1

I may have an electronic copy in an inner onion layer of the current computer but it will take some time to check. For the moment though I can share a small expansion pack dreamed up by the, then, younger members of fandom.

Anime hair styling workshop
Barbarella fashion parade
Barbarella in the video room
Tipsy twister in the Fan Lounge
HHGTTG TV series in the Video Lounge – the hoopy frood really knows where his towel is!

Showing all the Monkey Magic series end to end in the video room
Guest of honour squashed by a giant foot
Alien Space Cows gate crash the Masquerade “Na moo – na moo”
Teeny Bopper Invasion “So you’re telling me this stuff is like Sailor Moon?”
Angsty Goth Invasion
X.Hot Chilli nibbles
Death of Rats found in the hors d’oeuvres “Squeak”
Mutant Aged KFC
Fairy Swarm
Book worms eat auction material (roll 10 d10 to determine %)
Vampire LARP postponed by daylight “Even with SPF 30+ it burns!”
No one attends the closing ceremony
Paper cut
BikieCon in the same venue
Theater sports workshop spills on to the street – Members arrested “You lot are coming with me”

Bill and Ted land in the middle of the closing ceremony “Be excellent to each other”
Douglas Adams

Betty Park
The Bell Tower – it’s got to be good for something

Audition for funding from the Ministry of Silly Walks
And now for something completely different – fluffy sheep / boom
Dispute in the Gamers Guild “Beat DC15 and you can have it”
Oh my ears and whiskers – SimonO as a bunny
You have a minion – have one extra turn

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  1. Rob Masters says:

    Hi, I’ve got a copy of the rules available for download:

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  3. Incidentally, the pingback from File770 contains a good bit more, and is worth following.

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