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Festival of the Imagination 1996 – Souvenir Book – Jack Dann

This is a Guest bio for Jack Dann in the souvenir book, page 37 for Swancon 21, Festival of the Imagination 1996. It is followed on the next page by an appreciation by Joe Haldeman which we will not reproduce. … Continue reading

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Festival of The Imagination 1996 – December 1995 Newsletter – Page 4 – Jack Dann Biography

Transcribed by Elaine Walker. Any typographical errors have been carefully preserved. Jack Dann Jack Dann, a Special Guest at the Festival of the Imagination 1996, is the author or editor of over thirty-five books, including the novels Junction, Starhiker, and … Continue reading

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Conviction – SynCon 88 – Programme Book – Carey Handfield (FGoH)

Transcribed by Elaine Walker, attempting to preserve any typos and all citations [pp 11-13] Carey Handfield In the revisionist history of Australian science fiction fandom, it has become customary to canonise Fan Guest of Honour, Carey Handfield. His achievements have … Continue reading

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