DudCon 1

I’ve got a flyer for DudCon 1 here. (DudCon is the occasional con you have when you’re not having a con — for example, if nobody else wanted to be the media Con this year.)

Picture of a slug in repose, wearing a T-shirt

DudCon 1

25 – 29 December 1992

Theme: Personal Hygiene in SF

Venues: Melbourne Townhouse, The Diplomat and The Victoria Hotel

Guests of Honour: Media – Patrick Troughton (Subject to Availability)
– A token NextGen actor
Literature – Terrance Dicks & William Shatner
Science – Harold F. Peabody of Nasa (Designer of the Space Shuttle Toilet)
Fan Guest of Honour: Spud

Con Mascot: Colin the Space Slug

Con Charity: The Lost Dogs Home*

Artshow Award Categories:
Macrame Objects         Collage of Dried Bodily Fluids
Painting of an Autopsy     Pencil Drawing of a Slug
Tie-dyed Godzilla         Slightly Out Of Focus Photograph
Model of a Shuttle Toilet Made From Mashed Potato

Masquerade Categories:
Dullest Performance         Best Costume Made From Cardboard
Most Believable Transvestite     Most Trek Costumes on the Stage at Once
Most Inappropriate Use of a Revealing Costume

Con Award Categories
Nastiest Fanzine         Largest Con Organiser Ego
Bitchiest Club Committee     Worst Over-reaction to Criticism
Most Hated Fan         Most Rip-offs in a Video

Main Stream: Opening Ceremony & Banquet – Townhouse
Masquerade & Closing Ceremony – Diplomat
Video program – Victoria
Alternate: Japanimation – Wodonga Travelodge, room 23
Gaming – Melbourne University High, 17 – 21/4/93

There will be a number of Fundraisers run to Support DudCon I prior to the event, some of which are listed below:
26 January   The Linda Blair Film Festival   Cost $5, BYO Jaffas
12 February   Milk Tasting Party   Cost $20, BYO Food & Alcohol
17 April   Battle Beyond the Stars 10th Anniversary
To be held at the Hilton Ballroom, Formal dress required, cost $100, bring a plate
6-8 June   Skirmish Weekend in Hoddle Street   Cost $10, BYO Food & Ammo
24 September   Bubblebath Party   Cost $20, BYO Soap
3 November   Phantom of the Opera Trip   Cost $4300, BYO Suitcase
(Due to local performances being booked out we will see the London production)

* Note: Anyone wishing to dump an unwanted pet may do so at the table provided in the video room

About australian sf-history

ASFDAP was set up in 2011 after the rediscovery by the wider SF community of an impressive hoard of Australian SF community related ephemera, fanzines and other materials in the Murdoch University basement.
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