Festival of the Imagination 1996: July 1995 Newsletter

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The West Australian Science Fiction Foundation (WASFF) is working well with the 1996 convention committee and our hope is that the convention will be both well presented and well attended. Most importantly we hope that all members of the Western Australian science fiction community will be able to participate.

This year the WASFF committee wishes to complete the formalization of the Mumfan Award for both past and future years. If anyone has any suggestions for the format of the certificate to be presented to all recipients we would greatly appreciate your input.

Guidelines for the Tin Ducks will be presented to the next AGM (details will be made available prior to the meeting so that people have a chance to read them in advance). I urge you all to read them and and have your say at the AGM when we hope to resolve this matter.

A list of people (past and present) associated with science fiction in Western Australia is currently being drawn up. We would appreciate help from anyone who can supply us with information including lists of attendees of previous conventions and details of members of other science fiction groups, both past and present. All information we receive will initially remain confidential. No-one will be paced on the final list without their consent. Guidelines as to the availability of final list and its use will be drawn up and made available so that discussion can be held at the next AGM.

We are also still looking for any contributions for “THE RED BOOK”.

Over the past couple of years WASFF has provided some support for literary competitions. If anyone has any ideas of other things that WASFF can lend support to which will benefit Western Australian science fiction please let us know. An approach to any member of the WASFF board can be made either formally of informally.

Your WASFF committee for this year is:
Mark Bivens
Luigi Cantoni
Robin Clarke
Ann Griffiths
Peter Kelly
Richard Scriven
Mark Suddaby

The WASFF email address is wasff@perth.DIALix.oz.au.
The WASFF postal address [no longer existent PO Box] W.A. 6948.

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