Swancon 16 – Souvenir Book – Cindy Clarkson

This is on the page after the Barbara Hambly Bio. There is a fair amount of background imagery obscuring the text, but I will try to transcribe the text and typos to the best of my ability.

Cindy Clarkson

There are so many ways to describe Cindy that it’s difficult to know where to start. Dedicated, frenetic, frustrating, cute – all these could be used to describe one of the most popular members of Perth fandom.

Her involvement in Cons goes back to at least Swancon 11. She has been found in a variety of positions (sorry: has occupied a variety of posts) on various Con committees, and is always willing to work. Just because she’s fan GoH for this Con doesn’t mean she won’t be found helping out wherever she’s needed.

Cindy’s interests in science fiction are quite varied. She claims an early interest in Lost in Space, Land of the Giants and Doctor Who, but not Star Trek! Her cinematic background has strengthened her interest in the more technical aspects of “media” Science Fiction. If you want to know about her literary tastes, ask her yourself!

Whenever possible, Cindy works as a film editor. You never know; in a few years time she might be directing movies, not just editing them. Imagine: Superman IX – directed by Cindy Clarkson. Gee, she might even get to be rich and famous!

Cindy would have to be one of the more friendly and approachable fans in the Perth community, so don’t miss an opportunity to get to know her. Just remember: she is an old, married lady and you should treat her accordingly.

One word of advice/warning, if you happen to annoy her, make sure there are no containers of liquid at hand. You might end up wearing the contents!
John McDouall

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