SwanCon 16 – Souvenir book – The Player Characters

Two pages of the Swancon 16 souvenir book are devoted to characterising ‘The Player Characters’, a.k.a. the ConCom. In keeping with our unofficial transcription policy, ALL CAPS have been replaced with bold

Greg Turkich
Position: Chairman and Social Programmer
Character Class:Diplomat-at-Arms
Greg is believed to have inspired Laumer’s Retief, Leiber’s Fafhrd and the complete works of Jerry Pournelle. His brand of subtlety is usually associated with seven feet of muscle and five of broadsword. But don’t be fooled – he may look like a Kzin, but he’s really a pussycat. Scratch him behind the ears if you don’t believe it.

Tara Smith
Position: Treasurer
Character Class: Financial Wizard
In recent years, Tara has been generously volunteered to be treasurer for Swancons XV to 18. She has also edited innumerable Progress Reports and become the first one-person quorum in fannish history when the chair and secretary defected to America.

Stephen Dedman
Position: Secretary, Programmer and Guest of Honour Liaison
Character Class: Adept Conversationalist (Oral Calamarian)
Previously a notorious monk, Stephen retired because of overwhelming temptation. Without his old habit/s he looks like a run-ragged, bearded gentleman. Dextrously juggling more roles than a committee member should ever have to, Stephen has finally demonstrated what a truly volunteering character he can assume. He’s not afraid to volunteer his opinion either, so be sure to make use of his knowledge and candour.

Julia Bateman
Position: Hotel Liaison
Character Class: Castellan
Julia made her Swancon debut in 1980, wielding a metre-long Bandersnatch boning knife (small). Fans have been listening to her very carefully ever since. Trust her, she’s a nurse.

Gigi Boudville
Position: Supply Officer
Character Class: Prestidigitator
An ex-president of the C.I.A. (Curtin Imaginative Association), Gigi has contributed a lot to Swancons – and claimed most of it on tax. The rest is classified.

John Samuel
Position: Gaming Co-ordinator
Character Class: Starship Trooper
John knows the rules of 17 RPGs backwards (which may be why he keeps healing dragons and giving them treasures).

Robin Pen & Mike Studte
Position: Video Programmer & Video Manager
Character Class: Ronin (looking for another 5 to make an epic)
Two learned scholars who believe fantasy should be watched as widely as it is read. Science fiction is a state of mind, believes Robin. Mike is worried over Robin’s state of mind. Robin wants to meet Godzilla and Mike wishes more pix of the Enterprise were available in MS-DOS format. If you catch them singing “Two little Gaijin are we”, please dial 000 and ask for Dr. Miyazaki.

Mark Bivens
Position: Front Desk Co-ordinator
Character Class: Paladin
Mark is the perfect person to run the front desk: he’s organised, courteous, unflappable, and has a degree in child psychology. When Mark tells you where to go, you actually look forward to the trip.

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