FANDATA Publications 1995 Post Card Pack Part 1

Now this is a cute idea. It is a book of postcards which are 9.2 cm high by 21.6cm wide including the end stubs (vendor business card) that connect them into the booklet. It comes from America but I found it in the “misalanious box”.

On the front cover is a cartoon of a “TRS80 type” computer and inside can be found the following:-

In this card deck you’ll find ads from several different vendors. Each is offering a special opportunity for you to enjoy their products. I suggest that you take a few moments to look over what they are offering.

When you find a vendor with what you want, just tear out their card and mail it to them. Their business card will still be in this deck for your future reference. If you find that you have pulled out more than one card from the same vendor, feel free to send them enclosed in a single envelope. (There’s no use wasting postage!)

Also, you may want to use an envelope to return a single card if you are using a credit card in your ordering, to ensure your privacy and security.

Finally, if you just want to fill out several cards and send them back to me at FANFDATA, I’ll see to it that they get to the correct vendors for you.

Personally, I am really am very happy to be back from my two years with the US Air Force in Korea and back in the publishing business. Your many, many kind wishes for continued sucess are greatly appreciated.

Inside the booklet are post cards for the following merchandise

1) $19.95 for a Fandom Directory Number 15 (1995-96 Edition) from FANDATA Publications. It lists over 20,000 fans, collectors, clubs, fan productions, conventions and mail order retailers with full address and telephone numbers, including over 6,000 retail stores!

2) Free Archival Quality Preservation Supplies catalog from Bill Cole Enterprises, Inc. “Get the preservation supplies used by the U.S. Library of Congress and the National Archives

3) 800-Trecker Your 24 Hour Collectibles Connection. Order Toll-Free 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week. A group of science fiction fans has launched a catalog venture designed to change the way fans buy merchandise by mail. For the hottest collectables from Star Treck, The X-Files, Doctor Who, Quantum Leap, Red Dwarf and more…

4) $19.95 for the hardcover “Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide no.25”. It contains every known comic title from 11900 to the present (1995) from FANDATA Publications.

5) $18.50 for 26 issues (1/2 year) of the Comic Buyer’s Guide – the largest marketplace for new and back-issue comics and memorabilia. Published by Greg Loescher

6) $13.50 for The National Association of Fan Clubs 1995 Fan Club Directory which lists over 2000 fan clubs.

7) Free copy of “Just another Comic Book Catalogue #1” from Jim Hanley’s Universe (Where art and litrature meet)

8) Bleacher Buddies for trading card fans and organisations.

9) Catalog of free lists of movie posters and photos

about half way through the book now. More to come in the next episode…

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