SwanCon XI – Con Book – The committee

being pages 2 – 4 of the SwanCon XI con book. Transcribed by Anna Hepworth

Note that the photographs included in this article have not been reproduced here

CHAIRMAN: ERIK “THE HALF” HARDING – son of the more famous Lee; short of stature, blond and bumbous; creator of Chicken Kiev; famous lead guitarist of the equally famous, now defunct, “Slippery Jim and the Ratettes” – the first “fock” band; and whom you can complain to when things go wrong at the Con (if you can find him!).


SECRETARY: CINDY EVANS – Cute, adorable, willing to do almost anything for a hug (Up with hug fandom!!).
Long-time secretary of SAFFA, and creator of SAFFA scribbles; our liason with such media groups as the Dr Who club, WESTLODGE and WESTREK; a tireless worker (was that a drooping eyelid?); and constantly seen wrapped around one Matthew Clarkson.

TREASURER: GARY HOFF – Treasurer par excellence (the silent power of the treasury) – notable for his efficiency and lack of insanity (unusual in WA fandom); was involved in running a Worldcon in his native Germany (was it really 1979? I’m feeling old).

PROGRAMMING: SALLY BEASLEY and DAVE LUCKETT – who have readily proved their programming ability by arranging the start of their family between Swancons.

SALLY – An appa Hacka; she probably has the second largest library of SF in WA; famous for Purple Blog (otherwise known as Mulberry Brandy); one of the original Ratconeers; and has been involved in WA fandom since Swancon 2.

DAVE – Wargamer extraordinaire; friend to all machines (machines see him coming & break down for sympathy); filksinger of no-small-repute – author of one filksong book (stay tuned for the second); friend of a much loved (by WA fandom) female SF author living in Ireland; and he’s the one with silver hair playing Railbaron at the Con.

HOTEL LIASON: GREG TURKICH – recreating his role as Hotel Liason, the role that brought him such critical acclaim at SWANCON 9 (he now has to learn the difference between Guest of Honour and Guests of Honour). He’s the tall, large, and imposing bod (with a walk like he’s wearing jackboots) that will also be playing Railbaron (D-, must try harder Greg!)

PUBLICITY: PAUL STEVENS – ‘ANTIFAN’ himself, now defected to the west (he knows where he’s better off); longtime worker at the sadly lamented, Space Age Bookshop, Melbourne; now a representative for Pickwick Books; connoisseur of wine and good food; and another of those damn plastic kit makers – (although he shares house and life with a Kit who is anything but…)

AWARDS: GRANT STONE – Our insane, but tame librarian; long-time runner and Voice of “The Faster Than Light Radio Show”; ask him to tell you about his secretary and the GOR books; father of two – starter of the fannish baby boom (he got in ahead of the rest, that’s all); first winner of the Silver Swan Award; has been involved in fandom since Swancon 1, of which he was one of the progenitors; and one of the few WA fen who got to AUSSIECON 1.

PRINTING: MARK BIVENS – ex-army clerk; now a psychology major at WAIT; likes good food and good coffee (however once managed to get food poisoning and is responsible for the food guide in this programme that lists fast food outlets, amongst other eateries); used to be a keen car renovator; and is an active role-gamer and games-master.

SECURITY: JAY PLESTER – Our security man with an interesting approach to Weapons Policy “I don’t like the way your holding that folded tissue paper”, otherwise the man to whom you always say nice things; taken eight years to finally finish a degree; worked at the Entertainment Centre for 9 years (4 were with security); also been in the Army; could be seen as lazy at decision making (finally married Lise after 7 years); and is Marshal of the Grey Company – intimidating everyone with his shiny armour.

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