Fandomedia 2006:Hunger – con 'book', part 2

transcription by Anna Hepworth

The second of our two posts transcribing the three page ‘con-book’ from the 2006 small convention ‘Fandomedia: Hunger’. This is the published program. 


Time Stream A Stream B
16:30 Meet & Greet – Drinks in the Bar before Dinner and the Official Opening.
17:30 Dinner
19:00 Fandomedia 2006: Hunger Official Opening – Welcoming and Introduction to Guests
19:30 Live at the Emerald – An hour of power! Our lovely host April Rutkay interviews our honourable guests Marianne, Lyn and Elaine.
April, Marianne, Lyn, Elaine K
Opening the floor on addiction – Have you ever wondered what is the difference between addiction and obsession? A foray into the kind of addictions we have, what draws us in and how much time and effort we spend on them?
James, Kendra, Greg
20:30 “Taste is the feminine of genius” – A discussion of definition, interpretation and controversy surrounding this quote by Lord Edward Fitzgerald.
Ju, Kendra and Sandy
Making a Difference – A Round robin discussion. Participants have a maximum of five minutes to state the three things they would do to change the world for the better.
(Timekeeper Needed)


Time Stream A Stream B
10:00 Dear Editor – An exploration of our guests’ experiences with editors, the good, the bad, the in between.
Marianne, Lyn, Elaine K
Weaving a Welcome Mat – How do we make conventions more welcoming and open to new people?
PRK, Sarah Xu, Alistair, Michael
11:00 Phat Phantasy: The Market Monsters – A discussion on popular genre fiction, and in particular the trilogies that most publishers are pusing at the moment. The ones we hate to love and the ones we love to hate.
Ju, PRK, Maia
The Way the Biological Clock Ticks – Asking the question from as many different angles as possible, everything from wanting a baby, or not, fatherhood, grandparenthood, genealogy, lineage, compromises and sacrifices, goals and aims.
Sarah Xu, Cathy, Elaine K, Shay
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Sharing Inspiration – Insight into creating an environment and dynamic that will stimulate your writing community.
Marianne, Rowena, Carol, Lee
Acquired Tastes and Consuming Passions – A round robin discussion. Participants have a maximum of three minutes in which to enthuse about their current or long standing shiny.
14:30 Science is Golden – The ongoing quest to find out ‘why’, how things work, the reasons behind life, the universe and everything.
Elaine W, Chris C, Maia
Escaping the Two Headed Monster – What is it like to have a partner with a bigger reputation? How do you go about getting independent recognition? How do you support them, what about their support of you?
Elaine K, Lyn
15:30 Erotica Writing Workshop – Turning Brainstorming into Plot, or “A double climax is incredibly satisfying” A step-by-step guide to turning your great idea into a story outline.
Ambition – What will people do to satisfy ambition. What, or whom will they sacrifice? What is the definition of the recognition, number of people, medium of recognition?
Lee, Alistair, Kaneda
16:30 The Breaking News on Computer Gaming – The latest technological revolution will be in the gaming industry. Find out all the shiny details.
Grant, Greg
What are the Writers Reading? – When you aren’t writing, what is it that you like to read? What authors influence your work or inspire you?
Lyn, Elaine, Marianne
17:30 Bad Case of Loving You – Elaine Kemp launches her latest sizzling novel!
Elaine K (Not Suitable for Children)
Play Time – Busy hands and the opportunity to chat while playing with toys. Indulge your inner child with play dough, blocks and the like!
18:30 Dinner
20:00 Vampiric Hunger – Sucking blood as a sexual metaphor. Exploring the relationship between bloodlust, vampirism and sex.
James, Stephen G.
Introduction to the world of Wraeththu – An introductin to the post human fantasy series created by Storm Constantine.
Kerry, Tori, Liz
21:00 Soiree of Splendid Speech – Our delightful guests read to us from their collection of fiction over a couple of glasses of wine. With the talent in this room you won’t want to miss the auditory bliss they can deliver. (Contributions to wine very much appreciated by guests).
Marianne, Lyn, Elaine K


Time Stream A Stream B
10:00 Blood Lust – A presentation on parasites and invertebrates. A fascinating look into hunger on a tiny, non-human scale. Everything from face-huggers to leeches as dietary aids.
Do we really know who reads Australian SF? – Insight into the market research survey by Russell B. Farr on the readership of Australian SF. Looking at elements such as the who, what, where and why as well as thoughts on online publications, and how the information will be useful. Is short fiction purchased only by those whom write short fiction?
Russell, Angela, Alisa.
11:00 Fiction into Film – Turning a piece of fiction into film. What do you as the creator want from the change of medium? What expectations do you have for the resulting film?
Marianne, Lyn, Grant
Cooking with Coffee – You don’t have to drink coffee to enjoy it. Tasty treats made with coffee presented by two larger than life personalities.
Kaneda and Sarah P
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Soylents of the Lambs, or You Are Who You Eat – Cannabalism and zombies in SF&F and Horror throughout the various mediums.
Stephen G, John, Alistair
Empowering Hunger – It’s okay to be hungry, to crave something – what do you hunger for? What is irresistible to you? Does creativity require a lack of saturation?
Marianne, Ju
14:30 Reading by Cathy Cupitt – Cathy reads an array of original fiction based on our theme ‘Hunger’. Sit down, relax and enjoy another auditory experience you won’t want to miss.
The Myth of Truth Love? – Exploration of the ‘great’ love that is all encompassing, that sense of ‘knowing’, true love – is it really out there?
Stuart, Anna
15:30 “Superhunger” Superheroes and Supervillains – The hungers that drive them. Whether it’s war on crime, greed for money, consuming of planets, the genre has long been dominated by intense passions.
Greg, Tori, Shane
The Reality Construct – A debate between 2 groups on the topic: “Reality TV is the enemy of quality television.” Discuss.
Sarah P, Lyn, PRK, Stephen D, Cathy – Mod.
16:30 Choosing One Book – Escaping from a burning building, you can take ONE book – which book do you rescue and why? A round robin discussion where participants have five minutes to state and enthuse over their favourite SF&F/Speculative novel.
Wanderlust – What drives you to wander, what is it about travelling that fulfils you? Is there somewhere that is always ‘home’ to you, or do you feel anywhere is home?
Stephen D, Christopher, Jeanette
17:30 Fandomedia 2006:Hunger Official Closing– Thank you and Farewell!
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