Elaine Walker

Hope front cover. Issue 1.
Hope Issue 1, front cover. Artist: Bec Handcock

In February 2009, some of the worst bushfires in Australia’s history hit the State of Victoria. The Black Saturday Bushfires as they came to be known killed 173 people and injured 414 over the course of the disaster.

In response to this some of the Perth fannish community gathered for a fund raising barbeque (yes, but BBQs are iconically aussie), and, being who they are one of the forms the fund raising took was by putting together a fanzine called Hope. This was put together and edited by Grant Watson within a week for the BBQ on the 14th of February. There was a print version, and for those who could not attend the BBQ but could prove that they had donated to the disaster appeal there was also a limited distribution pdf version. In fact the response in terms of submissions was so generous, from fans the length and breadth of Australia, that it could not all be contained in a single issue and there was at least one more produced. There was some talk of there being up to 4 issues, but I am unsure whether that eventuated. (I have only the first two).

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