SwanCon 7 – 1982 Tin Duck Awards (voting form)

transcribed by Anna Hepworth

The 1982 Tin Duck Award voting form is printed (mimeographed? spirit duplicated? something else that I should have thought of?) on what was probably originally white A4 paper. Text:

THE 1982 TIN DUCK AWARDS  –  Voting Form.

All member of Swancon VII may vote for the following awards as they wish. Vote in which ever categories you wish by numbering as many nominees as desired in order of preference; 1 being for the prefered[sic] nominee.
Voting forms may be delivered in at the convention, or posted previously (for non-attending or supporting members). If posted they must reach the convention address by Thursday 28th January.

Convention address: P.O. Box XXX, Nedlands, W.A., 6009.

Cloising[sic] date for forms forms at the convention is noon on Sunday 31st. If possible sample issues of the zines nominated below will be made available for perusal at the convention.
Notes on the nominations: In most categories all nominations received have been listed due to a very even spread in the number of nominations received. The Best Fan Poetry category has been deleted as only two nominations were received and this was not thought sufficient.

The Dune Show
The Dragoon Show
Trial of Sacred Cows
No Award

Bevan Casey
Steven Gunnel
Warren Hughes
John Packer
Iain Henderson
Des Waterman
No Award

Bevan Casey
Cefn Ridout
Alison Cowling
Caroline Strong
No Award

Mark Loney
Seth Lockwood
Mike Schaper
Stephen Dedman
Julie Fitzpatrick
No Award

The Hard Ones 2
Ravin’ Vol 2, No. 3
Alien 4, No. 2
Norseman Revue 1
Fith 4
Moonshadow 1
Moonshadow 2
No Award

Bionic Rabbit
The Ravin’
No Award

NAME: ........
ADDRESS: ..........
SIGNATURE ..........


What we don’t appear to have is any information on which nominees won – we’d love to hear from anyone who is on this list, or may have been at the awards ceremony, or have other information for us. Also, if you happen to know the whereabouts on the web of copies of any of the nominated fanzines, we would love to know about those as well!

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  1. Thomas Bull says:

    The winners were reported in double issue 10/11 of Thyme: The Dune Show, John Packer, Bevan Casey, Seth Lockwood, Fith 4, and Fith, respectively.

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