SwanCon 1 – Cygnetures – Man Hunt for the Toy Town Escapees


Transcribed by Chris Creagh. All typographical errors faithfully preserved.

The desert, lonely, lifeless and partched; But what’s that ahead? A town, a small town, bustling with life. Quick, I must rush, must get there fast, need water, food, must get there or perish.

The town, all quiet, deadly silent like a grave yard at night.

A sudden creak on the side walk. “Ok, hold it”, came a voice from behind. I slowly turned around to see only a strange small man with a small rifle pointed at me. Another voice from the direction in which I was originally headed, “everything Ok Noddy.” It was a small man with large ears and a large beard. “Sure,” answered Noddy, “come down here.”

I realised it was Noddy and Big Ears, wanted for the murder of Andy Pandy and Teddy. Everybody in Toy Town was looking for them, I dived for cover in the house nearest to me, but the door was closed. Smack! I smashed my head on the door, the whole world seemed to be going around in circles and I was outnumbered four to one. I fell to the ground unconscious. When I awoke I was in a small bed about three foot long. I could tell easily because I could see my knees sticking out from under the covers. Two pieces of rope tied around my arms lead to a small detonator box covered with dynamite. I slowly tried to move, when suddenly,

This story will be continued next issue…


Unfortunately it was not continued because Cygnetures was a one-off publication. Paul time to complete the story?

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