Swancon 2000 flyer

A5. White paper. Printed both sides in a dark paintwater green.

Front: photo collage of an old-fashioned television in a forest, with a Hugo-style rocket on screen and a selection of books on top of the set. At top, in large white block text overlaid on the photo collage: “SWANCON 2000”. In very thin-stroked italic script in dark text, overlaid directly on top of the first text: “Swancon 2000

At bottom, in white block text overlaid on the photo collage: “100% Millennial Hype”; “20th to 24th April 2000”.

On the reverse: at the top: “SWANCON 2000”. Below:


Connie Willis
International Guest
Garth Nix
Australian Guest
Ian Nichols
Fan Guest
Gratuitous Interstate Guest
Simon Brown
Damien Broderick
Cathy Cupitt
Jack Dann
Stephen Dedman
Terry Dowling
Sue Isle
Paul Kidd
Robin Penn
Nick Stathopolous
Grant Stone
Lucy Sussex
Shaun Tan
Janeen Web
Sean Williams
Tess Williams
Invited Guests


Full membership: $70 Aus until Jan 1st 2000   Supporting: $20 Aus


Thursday 20th to Monday 24th April 2000


The Ascot Inn 1 Epsom Ave, Ascot Western Australia


www: http: www.swancon.xxxxx.xxx.au
email: swancon25@xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxx.edu.au
Swancon 25, GPO Box Gxxx, Perth, Australia 6892

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