Swancon 17 Progress Report January 1992 Page 3

Big, Bold and Brassy

This Progress Report is simply a collection of last-minute information and things which simply can’t be worked into the Programme Book or are not appropriate to include there. Much of what follows will be brief and note-like, but I’m sure that by this stage it’s information content, and not lugubrious literary excursions or gloriously aesthetic presentations, that you’re interested in.

The Hotel:

As you can see from the Convention Details Page opposite, we’ve booked out the hotel. This presents a small problem for those of you who haven’t got rooms but would like to attend as much of the Con as you can. We may be able to squeeze in a room or two more by shifting some of the committee out of their rooms (that’s devotion to duty for you!) and off to the Motel a couple of miles down the road, and there are folks out there with crash space to spare, so contact Richard (the overworked Hotel Liason) if you’d still like to stay at the Ascot. Get in extremely quickly though; ther’s already a waiting list for any rooms that come spare. For those amongst you lucky enough to already have a room, as we’ve booked the Whole Hotel you can check in and relax around the pool any time after about 10:00am. If you are unsure of your room number, ring Richard (gee he’s going to hate me for this…)

Freebies and other nifty stuff:

In the interests of giving you more for less (had you noticed that our door price of $50.00 is much less than last year? In fact, it’s the same as SwanCon XV two years ago!), here’s a list of special free things you’ll find at the Con.

  • A 24-hour Lounge with free tea and coffee facilities (yes, we’ve negotiated a deal with the Hotel such that you’re not even expected to make the traditional “silver coin” donation for tea and coffee round the clock.)
  • The Aphelion Publications Pre-launch will feature champagne, orange juice and nibbles for all. It will be a chance to have books signed by those guests who’ve had work published in book for, to talk with the guests about future publictions and to learn a bit about Australia’s Premier SF Publishing house.
  • For the true movie buff, the Anime Matsuri video festival will feature Free Popcorn around the clock. We’ll have a theatre-style warmer and while in the Ledger Room you are quite welcome to eat popcorn until you vomit.
  • We’re in the process of making a deal with one or more Pizza Vendors in the General Vicinity of the Convention Centre for guests of the convention to order Pizza at a reasonable discount. We’ll let you know exact details of this arrangement as the Con itself.

You’ll notice the Programme for the entire Con a few pages in. This is practically the final version, although both Anime Mattsuri and the Hotel Video Stream are “subject to improvement”, and tournament times for PARSEC are not shown (because they will be decided at or after a meting on the Friday Night of the Con). Nevertheless, it should help you decide what you’ll be doing for much of the time, although obviousley some further decisions will depend on information you won’t  be getting until the Con itself.

Please feel free to contact the Committee (see previous PRs or references throughout this one) if you have further queries, and we’ll see you at the Con!

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