SwanCon 5: Bidding for the 1980 National SF Convention (page 1)

An A5, 8 page booklet, stapled together. The following covers page 1, and the very top of page 2. Transcription: Anna Hepworth

The “Perth In ’80 Bid Committee; A History.

At the end of WAYCON ’79 there was a small group of people sitting at an airport table waiting for Leigh Edmond’s and Peter Toluzzi’s flights to arrive and take them away. The subject of a National Convention in Perth had been bandied about during WAYCON, and at that small gathering it was decided that the running of WAYCON had not only failed to turn them off Convention Organising “yet again”, but had enthused them enough to commit themselves to running a Bid for the Australian National Convention in 1980! Leaving Leigh and Peter to spread the news of this commitment, the small group sought to enlarge itself. Through the common communication ground of the ‘Good Company’ evenings the interest of most of WAs Actifans was solicited. The first “committee meeting” – to actually create a Full Convention Committee – took place at the house of Bob Ogden (the then President of WASFA) on Tuesday, March the 13th, 1979. The original committee structure emerged and started regular meetings, compiling a great deal of information and ideas, & slowly beginning to comprehend its functions. The first of these, it discovered, was to run the NatCon bid, and secondly to run a convention; namely SWANCON 5. To this end an “action group” was created as being the number needed to actively run the Perth In ’80 Bid. It consists of the “Dictator Of Publicity” (Bob Ogden), the “Finance Controller” (Roy Ferguson), and the “Bid Committee Chairman” (Rob McGough). This sub-committee meets every Monday evening at XXX J. Street, Wembley. Full Committee meetings are now monthly. Unfortunately, the failure of the Chairman to fix a date for them has caused a series of abortive attempts at Full meetings. The last was Monday the 25th of June so the next should be a month away. However, the nearness of SYNCON ’79 (August 10th – 13th) and the planning of our next fund-raising event requires an earlier data. Thus a Full Committee meeting is called for Monday the 21st of July at XXX J. St; 7:30PM. Any committee member unable to attend, please write or contact us as soon as possible to allow us to change either date or venue if necessary.

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