Once Upon A Time – The ASFMA awards

Many moons ago, before the Australian Science Fiction Convention and the Australian Science Media Society convention were merged, there were two separate sets of national SF awards, being the Ditmars and the Australasian Media Science Fiction Awards.

We have discussed the former on this site before, but I think that little mention of the latter has been made. Their existence was brought back to my attention when browsing through the convention book for the 1996 SwanCon, otherwise named the “Festival of the Imagination”. Page 68 of the convention book (seriously! more than 68 pages of convention book. My, how times have changed.  Once upon a time I found the time at conventions to read that many pages) lists the nominees for both of the above awards.

I had intended to reproduce the details of the ASFMA nomination here, but a quick search of the internet finds this page, which provides a somewhat comprehensive listing – information is completely missing for 1985 and 1986, and nominees are listed for less than a half. We don’t have more information than is included there easily to hand, but we would encourage those who do to make that information more readily available.

Anna Hepworth


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