SwanCon XV – Progress Report 3 – "What I couldn't squeeze in elsewhere"

transcribed by Doug Burbidge

Trivial Necessities

By The Committee

Full Membership for SwanCon XV currently stands at $50.00, and will do so until the convention starts. The door price will be only marginally higher, but pre-convention memberships will receive specially prepared badges, have their names in the Program Book and accrue various other benefits the committee have yet to determine. Supporting membership is $25.00 Send memberships and all other correspondence to SwanCon XV, PO Box 318, Nedlands 6009. If you prefer, there is a receipt book at A Touch of Strange bookshop.

Day, Halfday & Night Memberships:
It seems likely that some of you out there will want to attend the Con only on certain days or nights. Thus, the Con committee is currently formulating prices for Full Day, Half Day and Night (the other half day) memberships. Pricing for these will not be available until the Con, but expect about $20 for a Full Day, and $10 for a Half Day or Night Membership.

The Banquet:
The Banquet will be held at Miss Maud’s Pier Street Restaurant (beneath the Con Hotel) on the Sunday, January 28th, 1990. It will run from about 6:30pm to around 10:00pm. The cost of this full Smorgasbord, including free beer, wine and softdrinks, is $24.00. Numbers are limited, so please BOOK NOW! This would have to be one of the best value-for-money SwanCon banquets in memory.

Gaming Registrations:
Registrations for all gaming events (see GAMES WITHOUT FRONTIERS) should be made as soon as possible at the Convention. Pre-booking for the AD&D Tournament is possible: Contact Mike Poidinger in person or on xxx-xxxx.

The Short Story Competition:
The short story competition is still on, offering the quickest path to fame and fortune in the Southern Hemisphere. The closing date for eligibility for the Program Book has been extended to January 19th. All entries will be published in a special booklet to accompany the Program Book, so you’re guaranteed readership.
PRIZES: First – $50. Second – $25. Third – $10.
CLOSING DATES: Eligibility for Program book: January 12th, 1990.
Competition/Short Story Book: January 19th, 1990.
JUDGES: GOH, FGOH, Members of the Committee.

Roll Your Own Videos:
The Hotel Video Lounge (see CARTOGRAPHIC GUESSWORK) will be in use only during the hours of darkness, as far as official programming goes. This means that those amongst you who desperately want to show Night of the Giant Termites of[sic] The Day the Moon Went Blue to your friends and acquaintances may book time during the day with Robin Pen, the Video Programmer. Already, the three hours prior to the Blake’s Seven panel are reserved for episodes of that redoubtable production, so get in fast!

Weapons Policy:
At the moment, the only weapons policy is “Don’t be a Bloody Fool”. Simply obey the Laws of the Land and the principles of Common Sense when selecting Masquerade Props and Killer Weapons (nothing D-Class!). More in the PB.

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