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SwanCon 17 – January 1992 progress report – Starfleet Battles Tournament

Pages 12-13 of the SwanCon 17 January 1992 progress report was dedicated to details of the Starfleet Battles Tournament scheduled to run during the convention. Some of the sections are overly detailed, and have not been reproduced here, but typographical … Continue reading

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Lord Foul’s Game

transcribed by Doug Burbidge The CIA had a tradition of making deliberately stupid games, based on whatever happened to be around: “Doc” Smith Roleplaying, Revolting Antares, etc., with each game designed to emphasize the bad bits of the source material. … Continue reading

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They’re Commin Right For Us!: The “just another bug-hunt” game! Review?

by Chris Creagh This multiplayer board game was rediscovered in a box of SF ‘stuff’ housed in Murdoch University library. It is a Furrball Publication, copyright 1999 Paul Kidd with the concept being “One player controls a horde of bugs. … Continue reading

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SwanCon the Collectable Card Game – Expansion Pack NextGen

By Chris Creagh A hardcopy of the original game was downloaded from sccg.grfb.com on the 10/05/01 between 11.01 and 11.07am but unfortunately it no longer exists there. The subheadings were: Goals, Aims & Ethics Rules Basic Cards Expansion Pack 1 … Continue reading

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Rumours abound

It has come to our attention that an object (or set thereof) known as “The SwanCon Card Game” is in existence, and is rumoured to have been sighted in recent years. However, those of us at ASFDAP whose particular passion … Continue reading

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