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Con Fusion / SwanCon 19 Progress Report Three

by Chris Creagh The front cover looks pretty much the same as the second progress report except that it is the third. Same grumpy red kangaroo character using the world as its plaything. The inside cover is exactly the same … Continue reading

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SWANCON 1 Cygnetures

by Chris Creagh At SwanCon 2015 a rare copy of the convention book associated with SwanCon 1 came up for auction and as a member of ASFDAP I felt it was important that I acquire it. There were several other … Continue reading

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Snippets from swancon seventeen – november report

So 24 pages of the usual and not so usual “stuff” that can be found in a progress report. Here are some of them. Page 4: [T]he Anime Matsuri programme is looking great, with over 24 hours of fully subtitled … Continue reading

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SwanCon XV January 26 to 29, 1990 Progress Report Two page 16 – The Nanocons

Transcribed by Elaine Walker. All typos should match the text as given. Page title: THE CON YOU HAVE… THE NANOCONS A Personal Recollection by Colleen Jenkins It was April. It was November. We had lots of people. No, only ten … Continue reading

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SwanCon XV – Progress Report 3 – “Crystal Balls and Other Unlikely Prosthetics III”

by Stephen Dedman and transcribed by Chris Creagh SWANCON MDXV Guest of Honour: Jean M, Auel #77, Author of Earth’s Children V January 26 to 29, 1505 AG* Miss Maud’s Convention Centre, Australia, Sol III Program: Friday 16:00 Transfer Disks … Continue reading

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Aussiecon Two, 43rd world science fiction convention, progress report #3, February 1985

Transcribed by Chris Creagh. Front cover by Gerald Carr depicts a group of anthropomorphic Australian animals including 2 kangaroos, an emu, possum, koala, galah, echidna and a thing that looks like an alien chicken robot that is projecting onto the … Continue reading

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The Voice of the Platypus Number 1, March 1998

Transcribed by Chris Creagh This bright yellow A3 sheet folded to A5 size, is the AussieCon Three, 57th World Science Fiction Convention official newsletter. The convention was held in Melbourne, September 2 to 6, 1999. Perry Middlemiss was the chair … Continue reading

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SwanCon 16 – “A Blast From the Past” – wrap up publication

The SwanCon 16 wrap up publication is two A4 (single-sided) sheets, stapled together. The first page lists a set of awards, with a list at the bottom of “The Top Twelve Ways To Kill Wesley Crusher”, but the second is … Continue reading

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SwanCon 18 – Progress Report 0 – Part 1

This is a 12 ‘page’ A5 folded and stapled booklet, entertainingly numbered such that the inside front cover is 1 and the inside back cover is 8 – there are two unnumbered pages in the middle.  Cover: image consisting of four … Continue reading

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aussiecon two 43rd world science fiction convention progress report #3 p27, lower right quarter Transcribed by Chris Creagh Tigger is a small bouncy newszine produced on behalf of the Aussicon Two Committee, which attempts to keep Australian members of Aussicon … Continue reading

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