The Festival of the Imagination Progress Report January 1992 p15

I think this is the last page of this progress report that needs transcribing, so I’m going to do at least part of it so we can cross it off. Page 15 is an ad for a thing called ORION. A brief google does not turn up any sign of its actual existence, but it’s an interesting look at what was being attempted at the time.

A new venture from a desktop publisher, realising a life-long interest in science fiction and fantasy…

Published quarterly, or as material permits, ORION is planned as a high-quality illustrated book of around 150pp: large format, with computer graphics, half tone art, compacted type, book-bound in astonishing covers. A lot of reading for your dollar!

The first volume is complete but we are very interested in seeing your work for future issues. […] ORION is semi-pro, with a combination of cash-reimbursement for one-time rights for brief material, and payment in one or more copies for longer pieces.

In the premier issue is a fine collection of fiction:

blah blah blah

The pricetag of ORION will be in the region of $17.95, but please send no money now. A SASE will enter you to the mailing list. We hope to publish in June 1992, and in April/May will be seeking firm reservations or subscriptions before we go to press. […]


JJ Adamson/Editor, PO Box XXX   Brighton   SA   5XXX

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SwanCon 17: Progress Report July 1991, p19

page 19 of the Swancon 17 July 1991 progress report has two text sections, being ‘Education Seminar: Science Fiction in Education’ and ‘The Short Story Competition’. As ever, all typos faithfully reproduced, including the completely bewildering dating system in use for the summary of the either upcoming or post-dated Education Seminar.

Education Seminar

Science Fiction in Education

Seminar 1992

The Festival organisers are currently engaged in the planning of a Seminar on Teaching Science Fiction and Fantasy, aimed specifically at professional educators. It’s our intention to hold a one-day seminar on December 4th 1990 at the Ascot Inn (the best venue we’ve come across in WA). It will comprise a series of presentations, discussions and lectures coordinated by professional educators and will be open to the general teaching community. The organisers will be commissioning professionals to produce Teachers’ Notes and other relevant literature for use by the Seminar attendees. This material will be published and presented in as professional a manner as possible, allowing it to be used by the attending teachers on return to the classroom, and will comprise a very important part of the event itself.

Advertising of the Seminar will take place in Ministry of Education publications and we’ll probably also advertise by some form of direct mailing to the target audience. It should be noted that the Seminar will be funded and run as an event totally separate from the SwanCon 17 component of the Festival, and is likely to provide extra funds for the Con itself. Due to the fact that the event is still in the planning stage, all of the above information is subject to change. For further information on the Seminar, contact Richard Scriven or Mark Bivens

The Short Story Competition

The short story competition traditionally associated with SwanCon may be run slightly differently next year. As a separate Festival Event, it is hoped that the competition will be run as a State-Wide Competition through the Secondary School system (much like the Young Writers’ Competition). It’s envisaged that entries will be divided into two divisions (Secondary – for High School Students of years 8 through 10 – and Open – for all persons from year 11 upwards, including University Students and people no longer in the eco nation system) or perhaps three (separating the year 11 and 12 students from the others in the Open Category), with prizes being awarded in each. Commercial sponsorship or grant funding be sought, to provide money for advertising, administration and prizes.

Details are yet to be resolved, except the Open Division, which is currently accepting entries:

Genre Fiction up to 8,000 words, any subject. Post to the Festival Address.

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SwanCon 17 – Valhalla & M A R S

The SwanCon 17 July 1991 progress report has two unnumbered pages between pages 12 and 13. The first of these is a full page advert for Doug Thorp’s Valhalla Games and Hobbies, while the second is a full page advert for M A R S*

While as ever, we the transcribers are committed to faithfully transcribing all the typos we can bring ourselves to duplicate, there is no such dedication to replicating idiosyncratic layouts from before the dawn of HTML formatting. Ditto replicating out of date phone numbers and opening hours.

The top quarter or so of the Valhalla advert has a partial grid of tessellated hexagons, with ‘Doug Thorp’s’ in one section of white space and ‘Valhalla Games and Hobbies’ in the other. Immediately below that is ‘(brought to you by the founder of the original Simulations 1976-85)’. Other than a teeny tiny mud-map squeezed into a barely large enough space, the rest of the page contains text, text, and more text. To whit:

Yes, it’s Doug Thorp back again!!
We’re rebuilding Perth’s best Games and Hobbies Shop, and we invite all interested to join us. We’re a little hard to find at the moment (being Phase 1), but we should soon be in bigger and better premises. Games Days are already held on Saturdays (soon Sundays too), and Games Weekends are coming up!!

Come and see Perth’s largest range of games!!

Wellington Buildings (second floor)
158 William St. (cnr Wellington St.) Perth
(entry from William St. diagonally opposite the bus station)**

Ed: phone numbers and opening hours are detailed here

Wargames   Fantasy-SF   RPGs   Figures   Kits   Books
Paints   Kites   Jigsaws   Software   Secondhand

Subscribers to our monthly newsletter “Thundergod Previews”
get discount on everything, Christmas bonus and a monthly bonus!!

School holidays hours
Our shop is open earlier during school holidays

Photography and Video Services
We can provide photography and video services for weddings, parties, balls, anything!!

The MARS advert has a nice double line border around the whole page, and a watermark so carefully faded to not obscure the text that we are only mostly sure that it is the MARS logo of the time. It should not be surprising that the advert for a university geek club is even more wordy than that for a shop catering to their more wealthy friends and acquaintances.

MARS stands for “Murdoch Alternative Reality Society”. We are an affliliate society to the Murdoch University Guild of Students and our main objective is the promotion of the genre (science fiction, horror and fantasy) through a variety of media.

The club was formed in February 1988 and is currently one of the most active clubs of its kind in WA. Some of our past and present activities include:

  • The holding of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons tournaments
  • Cheap Video Nights with movies ranging from “Danger Mouse” to “Star Trek: The Next Generation”
  • The production of “Phantasmagoria”, the club’s fanzine/annual
  • Discount group movie bookings to such movies as “Batman” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”
  • Subsidised membership to Swancon (we knew that would catch your attention!)
  • Compilation of surveys on the popularity of various RPGs in Perth’s gaming community
  • The holding of thrice-weekly gaming nights

In addition, the club has probably the most substantial games library in WA, with a wide variety of RPGs, boardgames, wargames and magazines. Club members also receive a 10% discount at Tactics, Simulations, Valhalla Games, A Touch of Strange (games only) and Quality Comics (for purchases over $20.00).

Althought the club is a Guild affiliated society, membership is not restricted to Murdoch students. Annual Membership is $5.00 for Murdoch Guild Members and $10.00 for non-Guild Members. Interested?

Then Contact
Anthony Anderson (1991 Club Secretary ) on xxx xxxx
or Write to MARS
c\- Guild of Students Murdoch University, South St, Murdoch 6150

* Ed: yes, it probably says ‘MARS’, but the spacing is so dramatic that it just looks better this way
** Ed:The one they keep moving.

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SwanCon 17: July 1991 PR p9

page 9 of the SwanCon 17 July 1991 progress report has two text sections, being ‘General Features’ and ‘Hotel Video System’. The white space left over is filled with a drawing of the eponymous character of My Neighbour Totoro. It isn’t obvious at first glance, but this is actually the second page of the information on the ‘Video Stream with a Japanese Flavour’ (see here for the first half). As ever, all typos faithfully reproduced.

General Features

The philosophy we’re using in the selection of the General Features for 17’s Video Stream is: significance, rarity and popularity. Though we’ll play what be believe is rarely seen and has been overlooked, if it’s not also likely to entertain, we won’t show it. Some of the things you can expect to see are:

Comic Book Confidential – the best and most entertaining comics doco ever made.
Earth vs the Flying Saucers – 1954 (and proud of it).
The Plague Dogs – Richard Adams’ classic adapted & animated ala Watershed Down.
Destroy all Monsters – Party Down with Godzilla and friends.
Forbidden Planet – The rare, uncut version.
Spike and Mike’s Festival of Animation – short gems, including “Bambi vs Godzilla”.
The Films of George A. Romero – a doco on Night of the Living Dead‘s director.
Meet the Feebles – Come and be amazed.
Thunderbirds Are Go! – by popular demand. FAB!
The Hobbit – NBC’s animated version of Tolkien’s groundbreaking fantasy.
Rocket Man – The original 1940s serial.
A Selection of the Best Sci-Fi Trailers ever assembled on one tape.
Forrest J. Ackerman’s Famous Monsters of Filmland – Forry’s reminiscences on popular SF, featuring interviews including Ray Bradbury.
Shada – The unfinished Dr. Who story by Douglas Adams that became Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
Star Trek: The Next Generation – choice new-season episodes.

Hotel Video System –

There are 72 hours available here – we have complete access to the hotel’s in-house system (there is a TV in every room). We plan to program mini-festivals and marathons, special features to complement room parties and off-beat features which will naturally attract a smaller audience. Some of our ideas are:

Twin Peaks – David Lynch’s bizarre and disturbing counter-soap.
Red Dwarf – Popular British Hitchhiker Rip-off (including 3rd & 4th season!)
Black Adder – Stunningly amusing depiction of History as it should have been.
The Prisoner – Arguably the only cult series that deserves to be a cult series.
Monty Python’s Flying Circus – No comment required (spang).
A TV Dante – Peter Greenaway’s weird adaptation (Anyone got a good copy of this?)
Blake’s Seven – Arguably the only cult series that has truly cult followers.

British Comedy Series – The Young Ones, Ripping Yarns, Comic Strip Present etc.
Gerry Anderson Series – Wooden Men in Plastic Spaceships – UFO, Space 1999 etc.
Flash Gordon through the Ages – 1930s to 1980s (Flesh Gordon may appear).
Surrealist Oz SF – Razorback, Gremlins of the Clouds, Incident at Ravensgate etc.
Humorous Horror – House, Evil Dead I&II, Return of the Living Dead etc.

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Swancon 17 January 1992 PR page 15

This page features “Masquerades and Banquets”, “Things to Bring”, “Eats” and “Volunteers Wanted!”. Let’s see how far we get…


Masquerades and Banquets


The Masquerade this year will be, as we’ve said in previous PRs, somewhat different from previous years. We’re doing away with the “skit” style, which encourages half-hearted costuming, and instead we’ll be awarding prizes for Hall Costumes on Sunday Evening at the Pre-launch and subsequent activities. Following the pre-launch signing and discussions, we hope to run Filking and have a Jamming session for the musos, and maybe dancing for the rest of us, and we’d encourage you to wear your costumes then. We were trying to organise a Mediaeval Feast as the Official Banquet for the Convention, but negotiations (begging and pleading) with the Hotel came to nought. We’ve decided that a Banquet which is affordable to a minority of Convention Attendees is not an acceptable one, and have therefore abandoned the formal banquet. Instead we’re organising two informal events. Firstly, on the Saturday Night, we’re carrying on a tradition that’s been a part of SwanCons for about five years now; the Pizza Banquet. We’ll be collecting a small amount of money from interested people on the night and ordering a huge quantity of Pizza and Soft Drink to be consumed in the Epsom Room, around the pool or in the Video Lounge. Then, on the Sunday Night, we’re going to take advantage of the Hotel Bistro’s “All the Pasta You Can Eat for $5.00” offer (there are four types of Pasta, and garlic bread and salad cost another $1.50 each). Because there won’t be a formal banquet, the Awards Ceremony will be part of the closing ceremony.


Things to Bring

    • Materials for the Spaceship Building (we’ve got lots of stuff, but if you have anything especially interesting or useful – such as bits of PVC tubing, plastic drink bottles, al-foil, strange containers of all types – please bring it along.)
    • Sleeping Bags (while we can’t officially condone it, we have booked out the whole hotel, so if you’re looking for crash space, you’d best bring sleeping gear!)
    • Freeform Costumery (if you want in on “Shadows on the Sun”, anything relevant to the Court of the Sun King – a sash, a ruffle-shirt, a rapier … – would be useful.)
    • A container for Popcorn (if you some). We may have real, original, true blue environmentally unconscious cardboard cups for sale at cost, but BYO to be sure.
    • A tee shirt (we’ll have instant tee-shirt printing at Registration, plus a few tee-shirts for sale, and we’ll be offering a variety of logos and designs).



For those of you who plan to eat at the Con, the following food outlets may be of interest. Redcliffe Lunch Bar (6.00am-Midnight, Mon. to Sat. & 7:30am-6:30pm Sun. and Pub. Hols) is 500m from the Hotel. The Rose Garden Chinese Restaurant is 800m away, Sun Sun Chinese is 900m away, Hungry Jacks, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chicken Treat, Pizza Hut, Ascot Fruit&Veg and another deli are all 1500m away. The Hotel Bistro (open Midday-2:00pm & 6:00pm-8:00pm daily) run a normal menu on all days except for Sunday. Hotel Breakfasts for guest are $7.50 (continental) and $10.50 (hot), although we’re in the process of trying to negotiate better rates.


Volunteers Wanted!

We’re still looking for people who will be able to help out at the Con itself. Specifically, we’re looking for Day/Night Managers and Security Personnel. If you’re interested, please ring Richard Scriven on XXX-XXXX ASAP. You’ll get a special “Helper” badge that will allow you access to certain restricted areas, and you’ll have our sincere thanks.

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SwanCon XV Progress Report Two Summary

by Chris Creagh
This A5 sized, buff coloured, 20 page booklet with disorganised page numbers, is sprinkled with graphics and packed full of useful information. The front cover sports a futuristic drawing by Craig Hilton (© 1989)  of a circuitry embedded right eye overlaying a backdrop of a night image of office towers with some of the lights on. The image is called “The Dark Future”.

There is also artwork by
– Jim Davis (Vice Is My Life p6 ) a Garfield-esque character in dark glasses
– Ann Griffiths (Odie’s Grin p6) as the name implies…
– Jeremy Reston (Untitled p7 – young distressed fan declaiming “You don’t mean… Scotty really isn’t Scottish?”) and the back page which is a sketch of a face from brow to bottom lip. The image is a bit disquieting.

Page 2 has the Table of Contents while on page 3 Stephen Dedman takes a retro-futuristic view of SwanCon (CXV) under the title of “Crystal Balls and Other Unlikely Prosthetics II” His thesis is basically … whatever we deem to be a bright future those who would have to live in it might be of a very different persuasion.

Page 4 “Incorporation” by Don Griffiths B-) raises the question of becoming incorporated to limit the liability on the committee in the case of being sued or fined if anything goes wrong (like what happened to a convention in America).

Page 5 “Con Closed by Hotel Management”: News from Stephen Dedman puts the case for incorporation after what happened on May 5th 1989 i.e. Miscon 4 which was evicted from its hotel in Missoula, Montana, only 5hrs after opening because of weapons on the premises, an unpaid hotel bill without a signed contract and for selling liquor without a license.

Page 6 is by Ann Griffiths the Vice Coordinator who gives a fantastical description of what the position entails.

Page 14 “WHAT HAPPENED THERE”. Jeremy G. Byrne  thanked people and organisations for their assistance and contribution to the Quiz Night on 28th September 1989. Might be worth writing more on this later.

Page 13 Had information about the SWANCON BANQUET and THE SHORT STORY COMPETITION

Page 9 is set out as a newspaper with columns and 4 articles THE FMs, UNIGAMES, THE CAPPUCCINO BAR and MARS. More on these later.

Pages 10 & 11 have the program for Friday night to Monday.

Page 12 gives a preview of the Video Stream and asks for volunteers to provide art work for the progress reports, panel ideas, video ideas, and in the Hucksters room.

Page 8 is set out like a newspaper with columns a 3 articles, NETWORK 23, UNISFA and THE WEST LODGE

Page 7 talks about W.A. CLUBS IN BRIEF, specifically THE GAMERS GUILD and WESTREK.

Page 15 has a SCIENCE FICTION QUIZ – there are no answers in this booklet!

Page 16 THE NANOCONS: A Personal Recollections by Colleen Jenkins which will probably be written up at a later date.

Page 17 A BRIEF, ACCESSIBLE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF TERRY DOWLING courtesy of Van Ikin which gives a list of Terry’s more easily found works, the things he has edited and the awards.

The next page (unnumbered) is an ad by “The Ducati Owners Club of W.A.” for a race “EUROPEAN THUNDER” at Wanneroo Park Raceway.

Page 19 has the membership list – 75 members of which 25 are supporting members.

The last page has the previously mentioned sketch of a partial face.

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Swancon seventeen – November report – The Mediaeval Faire

OK, that’s not how I spell “medieval“, but it’s how they spelled it, so that’s what I’m going with.

This is the bottom half of page 8 of the November 1991 PR for “swancon seventeen”, as it is styled on the front cover of this particular PR.

Sunday will favour the “Outdoor Stream” heavily at SwanCon 17. The entire afternoon and on into the night will feature a Mediaeval Faire presented by Perth’s Historical Recreation societies The Grey Company and The Society For Creative Anachronism (both SCA Aneala and SCA Ars Draconis branches).

The afternoon will see the beer garden and foreshore areas around the Ascot Inn transformed into a cross-period fairground where Congoers can witness Costuming displays and Costume Making in action, see Weaponry being repaired and made (with luck, we’ll have a real forge in operation), see Armouring in action, Staged demonstrations of fighting technique and probably a Massed Melee or two, participate in discussions about historical accuracy and the realities of Fantasy Roleplaying, and watch Mediaeval Dancing, as night falls.

The Sunday Evening meal, which will incorporate the traditional Awards ceremony, will also follow a Mediaeval theme, with spit-roasted meats, breads, vegetables and salads and appropriate drink to hand. The cost of this meal will be kept as low as possible (we’re aiming for around $7.00 per head), and if you don’t want to join in the paid meal, we’ve organised it so you can still sit with your friends who do, and even bring your own food to the tables. With all the Mediaeval pageantry and atmosphere, historically accurate costumes and weaponry on display, and open fires to light the evening, the Faire is sure to be a memorable experience.

(The Grey Company can be reached through Trevor or Leslie Calder on xxx xxxx)

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SwanCon 17 – Progress Report January 1992 – PARSEC & sponsorship adverts

Page 10 of the SwanCon 17 January 1992 progress report was dedicated to ‘Parsec’. It isn’t exactly clear from the context whether this was part of the convention, or an entirely separate event. Equally, it isn’t clear whether the set of adverts on page 11 are related to the sponsorship mentioned in the Parsec article or to sponsorship of the Convention. 


The generosity of local retailers has surprised us (perhaps we’re just too world-weary and cynical), and we’ve received an enormous amount of sponsorship (in the order of $1300!); far more than any previous gaming event in this state, at least to my knowledge.

You might see the posters around Perth (if you’re a West Australian, that is), but in case you don’t, here’s the prize breakdown.

“Blood Magic”
(Lace & Steel: teams of Five)
Sponsored by Valhalla

First Prize: $40 voucher per player
Second Prize: $20 voucher per player
Third Prize: $10 voucher per player

Plus small spot prizes (see below)

“The Ring of Firestay”
(AD&D Second Edition: teams of Six)
Sponsored by Tactics

First Prize: $40 voucher per player
Second Prize: $20 voucher per player

“Dreamers in the Net”
(Systemless/Cyberpunk II: teams of Five)
Sponsored by Simulations

First Prize: $60 voucher (individual)
Second Prize: $40 voucher (individual)
Third Prize: $20 voucher (individual)

Plus small spot prizes (see below)

“Warhammer 40,000”
Sponsored by Simulations

First Prize: $60 voucher
Second Prize: $40 voucher

Miniatures Painting
Sponsored by Simulations

Best Single Figure: $50 voucher
Best Group/Diorama $50 voucher
Best Overall: $50 voucher

Starfleet Battles
Sponsored by Valhalla

First Prize: $40 voucher
Second Prize: $30 voucher
Third Prize: $20 voucher

Empire Builder
Sponsored by Kevin McCaw

First Prize: $30 voucher
Second Prize: $20 voucher

Spot prices in the form of vouchers to the value of $100 have been donated by A Touch of Strange Bookshop, and assorted spot prizes have been donated by The Comic Shop. These prizes will be awarded at the discretion of Games Masters and the Committee for examples of roleplaying, humorous incidents and the like throughout the course of play of the various tournaments.

Our sincere thanks to all our generous sponsors.

There will be a meeting of all participants in tournaments at PARSEC at 9:30pm on the Friday night of the Convention. Please try to be there to organise times for your rounds to be played. Rounds of most tournaments will be run at times convenient to both the player-groups and the GMs, but remember that we’ve got all day and all night, so there’s sure to be some time when you won’t be otherwise occupied (and who really needs to sleep?) Please feel free to bring your own games for the Beer and Pretzels evenings (casual, social gaming). We will be providing some material, but obviously the range will be limited.

The AD&D II Tournament Module Design Competition
After a disappointingly small entry, the PARSEC Subcommittee have chosen the winner: “The Ring of Firestay” by Dave Luckett, actually a very fine module in two parts which will suite [sic] our purposes perfectly. Thanks to everyone who submitted modules to the competition, and congratulations to Dave, who will receive his prize of $50.00 at the Con Awards Ceremony.

Page 11 is roughly split in quarters, with adverts for A touch of Strange bookshop (top left), Valhalla games and hobbies (top right), Simulations Kite City (bottom left) and Tactics Wargaming and Fantasy Specialists (bottom right). Horizontally across the middle of the page is the banner text:


Location details, contact details, and varying amounts of blurb are included in each advert. The Tactics advert mentions ‘Now Also in South Australia’. Valhalla claims to have “Perth’s largest range of games software” for Amiga, IBM Comm64, Atari ST, Mac and Apple II.

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SwanCon 17 – January 1992 progress report – Starfleet Battles Tournament

Pages 12-13 of the SwanCon 17 January 1992 progress report was dedicated to details of the Starfleet Battles Tournament scheduled to run during the convention. Some of the sections are overly detailed, and have not been reproduced here, but typographical errors have.

Unigames, the Gaming Association of the University of Western Australia, will present the Western Australian Star Fleet Battles Tournament at SwanCon 17. The tournament will be sponsored by Valhalla ($40 first place, $30 second place, $20 third place) and the winner will be listed on the Simulations Kite City Perpetual Shield displayed at the shop. SwanCon 17 wishes to thank both sponsors.

Tournament Organisation:

The Tournament will consist of several rounds (the exact number depending on the amount of players) of single – elimination games (two players per board per round). If enough interest is shown (at the PARSEC Organisation meeting on the Friday Night of the Con) a demonstration game can be organised to explain the rules of the Star Fleet Battles Tournament to new players.

The Captain’s Edition Rules are to be used in this tournament; Commanders Edition rules will not used. This year’s tournament will will follow the “Star Fleet Battles Tournament Book 1991” published by Task Force Games, with exceptions listed below.

Conditions (from the above mentioned tournament book):

  • The Judges decisions shall be final.
  • The time limit for each game will be three hours. Players are expected to fight until one side is destroyed or concedes. Judges will have the right to decide all games that are not completed within the time limit, based upon the tactical situation at that time. In the case where neither ship is damaged (excluding shield damage), the Judges may declare both players losers and select a wild-card player who narrowly lost another game to move into the next bracket.
  • Players will have a maximum of five minutes (or one minute longer than their opponent, whichever is greater) to complete their Energy Allocation Forms each turn. Opponents are responsible for timing each other. If you don’t complete your form, any unallocated energy is lost. Players are to check their opponents’ Energy Allocation Forms at the end of the game. If mistakes have been made, they are to call on a Judge to resolve the situation. If you suspect that your opponent has made a mistake in Energy Allocation during the game, have a Judge check his or her Energy Allocation Form
  • Ships are listed below. Each player will select one ship and use it throughout the tournament
  • Spectators are welcome, but can be expected to be drafted as impulse controllers (no player will be required to accept a controller). Anyone disturbing the players or Judges may be asked to leave the area.
  • The starting times for each game will be decided by the Judges. Players who cannot make this time are expected to contact their opposition and the Judges so that alternative arrangements can be made. Any player who is late for a game will be subject to penalties (destroyed hull boxes) or forfeiture, at the sole discretion of the Judges.
  • Ships will be repaired, shuttles replaced, and ammo reloaded between rounds

Scenario Setup:

No terrain. Ships set up in 1701-D and 2530-A, speed max (forward), WS-III (as modified herein). No overload energy from the pre-game turn (Exception: Feds, 8 points divided among the four photon tubes, max 4 points per tube, at his choice). No drones or fighters are placed on the map before play begins. Ships cannot begin the scenario in reverse.

The map is fixed; any ship trying to move off the edge will take five damage points to the facing shield and come to a complete halt.

The organisers will supply maps, playing pieces and SSD sheets (and energy forms, movement charts, etc). Players must supply all other material (e.g. themselves, paper, pens, favourite dice …)

The next two sections “The following rules will be used” and “The following rules will not be used” are overly detailed, and have not been included.

Ships To Be Used In The Tournament:

See the tournament rulebook for SSD’s and specific rules for each race to be used in the tournament.

Note: Andromedans and Tholians will not be used in this tournament (this is a change from the official tournament rulebook) unless another Judge can be found to rule on these races. The final decision on whether or not these races will be played is to be announced at the PARSEC Organisation meeting on the Friday night of the Convention.

Judges Board:

As of this writing the only Judge for this tournament is David Bent. Any others wishing to help in this tournament are asked to contact either the Gaming Subcommittee or David Bent on, or before, the first night of the convention.

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Swancon seventeen – November report – Hello Again

Transcription of pages 3-4 of the Swancon 17, Festival of the Imagination, November Progress Report. Which is apparently the one after the July Progress Report. This is one of the reports made out of folded A4 sheets. This is the introduction stuff.

Hello Again

This Progress Report is intended as a “getting you up to date” fact-rich publication which includes almost exclusively new material. For those of you who haven’t seen the July Progress Report, we’d be happy to send it to you if you write (or phone) and ask for it.

The big news since July concerns Guests. Basically, there’s lots of them. Without de-emphasising our Principal Guests Terry Dowling and Nick Stathopoulos, SwanCon 17 has managed to attract several other notable personalities to the ranks. Besides Dr Philippa Maddern (who was mentioned in the July Report), we now have three new Invited Guests.

There were three arrows on the left hand side, each pointing towards a paragraph with a specific guest.

Sean McMullen, Australian Writer and Bibliographer (soon to see his collection Call to the Edge released from Aphelion Publications), will be appearing on numerous panels and discussions throughout the Con.

Lucy Sussex, Author of My Lady Tongue and Other Tales will be assisting Phillipa at the Writers’ Workshop (before the Con) and will also be attending SwanCon as a guest and panelist.

Grant Stone – Perth’s own media-SF Superstar – will be attending as a guest at 17, in recognition of his service to SF over the years. We hope to see Grant even more heavily involved (if that’s humanly possible) this time around.

To top it all off, SwanCon 17 will feature a Special Gaming Guest in Paul Kidd, well-known Designer of Albedo and Lace&Steel and prominent member of “Furry Fandom”. Paul will be heavily involved in not only the gaming stream (PARSEC) but the Conference and social streams as well. We hope Paul’s wide-ranging interests (he’s also written and published fiction) will help to attract people across those “traditional boundaries” between the various parts of our genre, and we’re sure he’ll prove a fascinating and informative guest.

For those of you who are interested in such esoteric topics as MONEY, you’ll be pleased to know that SwanCon 17 is doing extremely well. Membership is way up (as you’ll see from the list later in the Report) with over 100 members as of publication – most of them attending – and we’ve been granted funding from the WA Department for the Arts. What does this mean to you as a member or potential member? Well, for a start, we’re able to hold down the membership cost to the existing $45.00 rate, at least until the First of January 1992. As well, we’re looking at all kinds of freebies at the Con itself – but more on that count later. Preliminary programming has reached an advanced stage, as you’ll notice in later sections of the Report. In particular the Anime Matsuri programme is looking great, with over 24 hours of fully subtitled or dubbed material to hand. This represents a wide selection of the finest of Japanese Animation currently available in English, and will show off the astonishing variety and quality of the sub-genre.

Nifty New Stuff:

SwanCon 17, in its quest for innovation and experiment, will feature a few surprising additions to the traditional attractions of a SF/F Convention. Besides our heavy emphasis on Discussions over Panels (our “Don’t just sit there – do something” theme) and the sophisticated multi-streaming (there will always be something to do at 17!), there’ll be a variety of other attractions to keep you away from sleep, social contact, eating and sanity.

Quasar (the “Live Action Space Game”) will run almost continuously through the evenings and nights of the Convention. Through the generosity of the management of Quasar Northbridge, equipment will be available for use by Convention members, and several organised sessions each evening will provide a marvelous introduction to the game.

For those of you who thought Cyberpunk was Science Fantasy, come along and try The Net first hand. OK, so it’s not a consensual reality yet, but the Internet (or Usenet as it’s also known) is certainly the first step on the path. This international network of computers provides access to fascinating folks world-wide, and discussions on what is effectively a giant conferencing system range from SF, Computers, Sport, and Jokes through the latest discoveries in Biotechnology, Physics and Artificial Intelligence to Forums on Women’s Issues, Atheism, Conspiracy Theory and Sex. There will be a Net-terminal located in the Fan Lounge for the duration of the Convention, with experts available to help you and answer questions. Why not Jack In and see what the future will be like?

For those of you more concerned with the “Literary” side of things, Aphelion Publications should be staging a Pre-launch of the forthcoming collections of two of our guests. Blue Tyson (the sequel to Rynosseros) by Terry Dowling and Call to the Edge by Sean McMullen will be officially launched at SynCon (the 1992 National Convention in Sydney in March), but SwanCon members will have a chance to see the cover art (by Principal Guest Nick Stathopoulos) and talk to the authors about their work at this exclusive event.

We think you’ll find a lot at SwanCon 17 that you’ve never seen before at a Con, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy the difference – if you’re not too busy enjoying everything else, that is.

What about this "Other NatCon" stuff, then? What are we trying to do – steal members from SynCon? No way! SynCon is the official Australian National Convention for 1992, and we’re not arguing; in fact it’s likely quite a few of us will be attending SynCon. It’s sure to be a great Convention. So, what, then, are we suggesting? Only that if you’re a keen Convention attendee, there’s more than one Con that’s worth attending – that you’ll kick yourself for missing – in 1992. SwanCon 17 is going to be huge. Just take a look at our guest-list, our membership list. Have a glance at the program, the video and gaming streams, the social stream, the outdoor stream. Have no doubts – this Con will be as “Nationally Significant” as any NatCon, and the fact that it’s not a NatCon isn’t going to hold us back!

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