Swancon 2001: PR2 part 3 of 3

The Swancon 2001:Masquerade Progress Report 2, while a light weight publication, devoted a significant proportion of the real estate to Guest of Honour, Robert Silverberg

Robert Silverberg

“The man who put sex in science fiction”
– Neil Gaiman

Its almost impossible to to sum up the work of Robert Silverberg in this short a space. His career has been long, prolific, and has produced an enormous amount of work of the highest quality.

An indication of how well regarded he is as a science fiction writer is that he has been nominated for the Nebulas 20 times (and won 5 times), and been nominated for the Hugos 27 times (and won 4 times, withdrawing 4 times), beginning with the Hugo for ‘most promising new author’ in 1955, a promise that he has well and truly made good on. He has also been nominated for the Locus Readers Award 97 times and won 5 times. Most notably, he is the only science fiction writer to have won major awards in every decade from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Robert Silverberg is not only a writer of an enormous amount of superb science fiction, but also a notable editor (for example, he edited the recent Legends anthology), and writer on many other subjects (including much excellent non-fiction). He is also a witty, warm and entertaining speaker, who has been a guest of honour at many science fiction cons before.

Perhaps his best known recent work is the Majipoor series, beginning with Lord Valentine s Castle, that he is currently continuing with books including the recent Lord Prestimion.

We are absolutely delighted at the prospect of having Robert as a guest.

“Where Silverberg toes today, the rest of science fiction will go tomorrow!”
— Isaac Asimov

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