Swancon XIII – Programme book: A summary

A quick and dirty summary by Anna Hepworth

The Programme book for Swancon XIII is a 18 page (including covers) A4 stapled booklet, printed black on standard bond paper.

The front cover is a statement in minimalist design. The con name and book title are in slightly large font at the top, with a thin rule top and bottom; this is reflected lower down where ‘Theme – The Black Swancon’ is similarly formatted. In between is a dark line-art work of two black unicorns facing off, with the robot swan logo hidden in their enormous tails. Right at the bottom it says ‘Westos Hilltop Hotel’ and ’29th Jan – 2nd Feb 1988′.

In contrast, the inside front cover is dominated by a large drawing featuring a spacesuited figure with a hat and coat. Down one side it reads ‘SWANCON 14’, with details of the following year’s con (Guest of Honour – John Varley; Toastmaster – Bob Shaw; Fan Guest of Honour – Paul J. (“Antifan”) Stevens. Theme: The Urban Spaceman).

A very plain contents page is followed by an assortment of short articles and summary pages. In order, these are the Chairthing’s Blurb, Barlowe’s Guide to the SWANCON committee*, “…The Duck Strikes Back!”, ‘Who is Tim Richards’*, Program (2 pages!)**, a foolish article about running a Worldcon in Perth in 1994*, Vital Information*, Local Eats and Services**, the membership list (largest number is 42, but there are two #1s)***, ‘FM meetings’*, and then finishing up with two pages (back cover and inside back cover) on Kinkon 3*.

* Coming Later!
** Not! Coming Later!
*** might be coming later, depends on how obsessive we get.

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