A4, single-sided. Transcribed by Doug Burbidge.

WHERE: Faversham House, Grey St., York – WA’s own Castle Gormenghast, haunted too.

WHEN: 10-11th June 1989.
Xmas ought to be in the middle of winter, right? Frost and snow and reindeers and robin redbreasts and – oh well, let’s not get carried away.

COST: Approximately $30.
Cost is partially inversely proportional to numbers attending – so attend and get in cheaper! There is a $5 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit designed to get all you ratbags who say you’ll come and don’t.

WHAT YOU GET: Xmas Turkey Dinner AND Traditional Pancake Breakfast AND prezzies* AND Fun and Games AND Good Company. The two previous Nanocons have been enormously enjoyed by the fortunate participants.

*Each attendee is asked to bring a little prezzy ($3 dollars suggested) (What can you get for $3? – yes, I know. Well make something then, cottage industry and all that… ) and all the little prezzies will be put in a prezzy pile and redistributed!

FUNDRAISER FOR: Swancon XV (is it that long since Swancon I?!) WA’s annual Science Fiction and Fantasy convention.
“PERTH in ’94” – WA’s Worldcon Bid.

RSVP: it will greatly help the organisers to hear if you are planning to go by Monday 27 March 1989. And the ABSOLUTE LAST DATE for bookings is 13 May – the May FM.

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