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Fandomedia 2005 Promotional flyer

Begins with: COMEDY “Let me entertain you” stamped over a negative of a doll-like face with a hard to make-out picture superimposed over the left eye. FeaturingGuest of Honour: Chuck McKenzie Local Guest of Honour: Simon Haynes Fan Guest of … Continue reading

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SwanCon 18 – Progress Report (Minus) One

This is a single a4 sheet, double sided. Front page includes an image of a Robo-cop inspired costumed duck/swan/waterfowl. Transcription by Anna Hepworth SwanCon 18 Progress Report (Minus) One September, 1990 This is the first Progress Report for SwanCon 18, … Continue reading

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Trekcon III (1987) – Special Guests

transcription of pages 4 and 5 of the Trekcon III (1987) Program book. Transcription by Anna Hepworth. Typos and interesting formatting reproduced. Tabs stops completely ignored. Special Guests Each semester, the Trekcon Academy presents one or two special guests to … Continue reading

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Trekcon III – 1987, introductory post

In our collection of varied and wondrous items from fannish events across the country can be found the TrekCon III “Cadets Orientation Manual”. This is a 46 page plus heavy card cover staple’n’tape bound A4 book. The first two (unnumbered) … Continue reading

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Star Trek TNG portraits

Following on from our previous post of the ten Star Trek character portraits recently discovered in Jack Bridge’s shed, signed “Wendy Potts 1999”, we present to you the TNG series portraits.

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Star Trek portraits

Recently discovered in Jack Bridges’s shed is a series of ten Star Trek character portraits, all signed “Wendy Potts 1999”. These are known to have been originally drawn for West Trek publications, but little is known about how they came … Continue reading

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NanoCon – Octoberfeast

Transcribed by Elaine Walker, A4 sheet of paper, there are two versions of this, one very much basic typewritten, the other looking as if someone had access to desktop publishing software and a nice printer, or it was sent out … Continue reading

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A4, single-sided. Transcribed by Doug Burbidge. WHERE: Faversham House, Grey St., York – WA’s own Castle Gormenghast, haunted too. WHEN: 10-11th June 1989. Xmas ought to be in the middle of winter, right? Frost and snow and reindeers and robin … Continue reading

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WASFA News #2 – 18 June 1977

Transcribed by Elaine Walker. One sheet of foolscap paper, single-sided. Typed, two columns, with horizontal rules between items. We are on the SF map. Leigh Edmonds gave us about a quarter of a page in FANEW SLETTER EIGHTY this month. … Continue reading

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