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Skribe – September ’93 – The Zone 3 Experience and October ’93 – In Search of Quasar

Transcribed by Elaine Walker. Since Doug has been doing some writing on the current laser tag type games, we thought it would be nice to put up some articles he wrote on the topic in earlier times. The Zone 3 … Continue reading

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Fanzine – Skribe, 4 assorted issues

article by Anna Hepworth In one of our magic mystery archive boxes, we have four issues of Skribe, being a Western Australian SF newsletter edited by Paul Branch and Celine Zhu. The earliest of these issues, being September ’93, is … Continue reading

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SwanICon Progress Report I

Post by Doug Burbidge SwanICon was so-called because it was the ’99 Swancon, and 99 in in Roman numerals is ‘IC’. I’m holding their Progress Report 1, from April 1998. The cover declares it to be The 24th Annual Western … Continue reading

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Confusion Video Subprogram meeting minutes

transcribed by Doug Burbidge. ALL CAPS and spelling errors faithfully reproduced. I have some minutes from Confusion, which later merged with Swancon 19. They’re rather good, so I’ll reproduce the first one that doesn’t contain WingDings. I think these are … Continue reading

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Report on Waycon ’79 – PART TWO: THE CON – Monday

Transcribed by Elaine Walker – As usual, all typos faithfully transcribed Continued from Report on Waycon ’79 – PART TWO: THE CON – Sunday MONDAY. Arrived late. Saw the end of ‘Duel’, the first of the two films held over … Continue reading

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