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by Chris Creagh Murdoch University has a large collection of SF related works. There are thousands of books on the shelves in the main part of the library. In the basement there is a book-film tie in collection with around … Continue reading

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WASFA box from July 1977 Part 4

by Chris Creagh The following, type writer produced, short story is reproduced with permission of the author, Stephen Dedman. Said permission was accompanied by the remark “It has kind of a cheesy ending.” So, if you are an early career … Continue reading

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Historical Comic Covers

by Chris Creagh In the basement of Murdoch University can be found these ancient comic forerunners.

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Ooo That’s My Shirt

post by Chris Creagh Elaine Kemp was diligently photographing the SF T-Shirt collection in the basement of Murdoch University when she exclaimed “Ooo that’s my shirt. How did that get there?” Perhaps there is a force that removes t-shirts from … Continue reading

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There Was SF in 1940?

by Chris Creagh Murdoch University has an extensive collection of SF books for the borrowing of. It’s free for students or staff. Anybody can become a community member of the library, but there is a fee.

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Leigh Edmonds Collection: Personal Papers

post by Chris Creagh A few years back Dr Leigh Edmonds, who was, among other things, a prolific fanzine editor, was encouraged by Grant Stone to donate his significant collection of SF fanzines and SF related correspondence to the library … Continue reading

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T-Shirt The Festival of the Imagination 1996

Post by Chris Creagh T-shirt Design by the award-winning Shaun Tan. Thought you might like to see the shirt to go with the previous post about the badge. This is one of the shirts held in the basement of the … Continue reading

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WASFA T-shirt from the MUSFF collection

Today’s post comes to you from the dusty dungeon depths of the Murdoch University Library, where the MUSFF collection is held. Amongst the treasures held is a veritable dragon’s hoard of t-shirts collected over several decades and multiple continents. One … Continue reading

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