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By Chris Creagh with help from all others My job is to look through what we have blogged about SwanICon, find the holes and then fill them. So the first thing I have found in PR1 is that they used … Continue reading

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SwanICon Progress Report I

Post by Doug Burbidge SwanICon was so-called because it was the ’99 Swancon, and 99 in in Roman numerals is ‘IC’. I’m holding their Progress Report 1, from April 1998. The cover declares it to be The 24th Annual Western … Continue reading

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SwanICon badge

Post by Doug Burbidge SwanICon: a Swancon I didn’t go to, on account of being in America at the time. So here’s someone else’s badge. The “IC” is because that’s Roman numerals for “99”. I guess they didn’t like the … Continue reading

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