Swancon 14 – Progress report 1 – Page 4

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge

How to Have a Terrible Time at a Swancon

Gina Goddard

Well, I’m sure it’s been done. I do remember hearing about one person who had an absolutely dreadful time. But that was because of his hangover. I’m sure that it’s possible to have a really bad con, I just can’t think of how.
Oh, I know. Be on the committee. That way you get someone to throw a cream pie in your face. Great fun, heh?
What’s that?
It all depends on your point of view?
I suppose the best way to not enjoy yourself is to avoid participating in anything. Don’t come to the masquerade, better still don’t enter it. That way you’re sure to ruin a few hours.
Whatever you do don’t participate in the fan olympics. I mean can you think of anything much worse than horizontal mountain climbing?
You can?
Welllll, what about the dance? All that exertion and unseemly behaviour? Yuck.
You think you’d quite enjoy that?
Okay then, what about the gaming, the band, the auction, the vegemite shield, fannish theatre sports,the video stream, the academic programme, the cocktail party, the Ditmars, the banquet, the filksinging, the fact that the other members of the convention keep on talking to you and being friendly? I could go on and on.
From what you can gather it sounds like fun?
If you’re not careful you’ll end up enjoying yourself.

And that IS what Swancon is all about. Five days to have a good time.
You really can’t have a terrible time at a Swancon.


Fan Funds

Fan Funds blah blah blah DUFF GUFF FFANZ a third of a page.

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Swancon 14 – Progress report 1 – page 2

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge, preserving idiosyncratic spacing around punctuation where possible.

The Chairthingy’s Welcome

Cindy Evans


This fast-talking, slick-looking PR will answer all The Questions that have been burning in the back of your mind about Swancon Fourteen. ( If by some fluke you think of a question that hasn’t been answered, please write to Terry Chilvers. He is the seer of this convention.)

I, Cindy Evans, am the Tyrant. The one with the cute smile. The one who during or after SWANCON 14 you may wish to abuse. Some of you may know me from SWANCON 11. For those who don’t, I will briefly mumble my convention background. I have been involved in running conventions since 1985 (SWANCON 10 ). In the intervening spae of time, I have held positions of Secretary at SWANCON 11 ( the 25th NatCon), programmer and publicity. I have also been the secretary of the PERTH IN 94 WorldCon bid since 1985.

Titles aside, SWANCON 14 will be the best SWANCON any of you have attended. For those of you who have never ventured to the West Coast, it’s about time you did ! ! As bait to lure you over to Perth we have two international talents in the persons of John Varley and Bob Shaw. Two funloving authors who love to PARTY ! ! Our Fan Guest of Honour is Melbourne expatriate, Paul J. Stevens, now resident in Perth. This PR contains more information on all of our guests.

Our theme for the convention is ‘The Urban Spaceman’ . The interpretation of this theme is up to you; the committee all have their own ideas (and these will be printed in the next PR), but we don’t intend these definitions to be prescriptive. The convention will reflect our theme.

This PR has been released to coincide with the 1988 NatCon, Conviction. If you are lucky enough to be attending Conviction, enjoy it to the full. To those of you who are unable to attend, fear not ! 1989 and SWANCON 14 will be your year and your convention ! This PR is the first of four ‘major’ convention PR’s, and will be widel distributed. Subsequent PR’s will only be made available to members, with smaller flyers being used to keep non-members up to date.

To our members: see you at Easter ’89.
To those who have not yet purchased a membership: IT’S ABOUT TIME YOU DID !

See you next year !

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Swancon 14 – Progress report 3 – summary

Description and transcriptions by Anna Hepworth. As ever, typos faithfully replicated, and layouts and formats approximated only as much as can be done with trivial amounts of html.

As with the second progress report for SwanCon 14, the third progress report is a 12 A4 page saddle stapled booklet. In addition, there are a number of inserts:

  • single sided yellow A4 page advertising the upcoming Quiz Night (Shenton Park Hotel, 8th February, starting 7.30pm, Tables of six, rose $4 per ticket, Tickets can be obtained c/o SWANCON 14 P O Box 318 Nedlands WA 6009)
  • double sided yellow A4 page being the 1989 Australian Science Fiction (DITMAR) awards nomination form (transcription to follow later)
  • double sided cream A4 page with the membership list (now at 170 names) on one side, and a repeat of ‘The Hotel’ and How to get to Swancon’ on the other. The bottom corner of the membership list has a somewhat squashed Department of the Arts (Government of Western Australia) logo with the associated text “This project is funded by the State Government through the Department of the Arts.”
  • two double sided cream A4 pages stapled together at the top, containing a short spiel by Grant Stone regarding nominations for the Ditmars, and then two lists of eligible works. (maybe one day we will put these up on the wiki. But maybe we won’t. We’re a bit like that. Ed.)

The booklet itself features front cover artwork by Jeremy Reston, of a space-suit wearing figure riding a rocking horse, with a silhouetted Perth skyline visible between the rockers and the belly of the horse. The space-suited figure has some kind of back pack belching murky smoke into the upper edges of the page. At the top, the text ‘SWANCON 14’, and at the lower right ‘PR 3’.

Internally, page 2 (inside front cover – it appears that the number scheme has changed since the last PR) has ‘Swancon 14; closer to the end, closer to the beginning’; pages 3-4 have ‘The Most Wanted List’ and ‘The Guests’; pages 5-6 have ‘Important Trivia’ and ‘The Urban Spaceman’ — all of these are likely to be transcribed at some point.

Pages 7 through 11 have details of the programme – this may or may not end up transcribed, depending on how bored (or motivated) we might get. The bottom two-thirds of page 11 has a rectangle with the words ‘And then the dead dog party’ in a large (but pixelated) Ye Olde English font, just to make sure that only people who have had enough sleep will be able to read it. And the back cover has ‘Generic booking form’, which allows people to book hotel rooms, book seats for the banquet, reserve a huckster’s table ($80 professional, $40 fan), submit a programme item, and/or becoming a member of Swancon.

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Swancon 14 – Progress report 2 – summary

Descriptions and transcriptions by Anna Hepworth. As ever, typos faithfully replicated, and layouts and formats approximated only as much as can be done with trivial amounts of html.

The second official progress report for SwanCon 14 was a 12 A4 page booklet, saddle stapled. The front cover has a Lewis Morley pencil drawing of a somewhat bleak city scape with a floating space ship beaming down bipeds in either spacesuits or full body armour, carrying items suggestive of going to the beach for the day (bucket and trowel, fishing rod, umbrella) while a rodent featured mecha looks on. ‘Swancon 14’ is written across the top; ‘PR2’ at the bottom right.

Information on the inside front cover (p1) looks identical to that from PR1, and will not be replicated. Pages 2 through 4 have a sequence of small news articles which it is anticipated will be transcribed at some point. Page 5 talks of the Australian Science Fiction Awards (and may or may not ever be transcribed). Page 6 has a short discussion of the theme of the ‘con of Urban Spaceman; pages 7 and 8 detail ‘Fandom in Perth’ — both of these should be transcribed later. Pages 9 and 10 exactly replicate the information from PR1 on the Hotel, How to get to Swancon, and the Hotel Booking form.

The membership list on the back cover has gone up to 140 names. Many of the later names are ‘s’ memberships (still assumed to be ‘supporting’). As with PR1, there is a small piece of artwork to brighten up the page – in this case, a ‘spaceman’ with black faceplate, holding an umbrella – looking like they are drifting down the page.

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Swancon 14 – Progress report 1 – inside front cover

Transcription by Anna Hepworth. The editors of ASFDAP would like to point out that the initial 3 progress reports and the ‘regular one- to two-page flyers’ mentioned below are items that we do not have in our archive, and if anyone has copies that they would be willing to scan (or lend to us to scan) we would be very grateful.

Swancon 14: About the Convention

Swancon 14 is the 28th annual Australian National Science Fiction Convention, which will be held at The King’s Ambassador Hotel, Perth over the Easter weekend of 1989. Registration opens at noon on Thursday 23 March, and the convention ends with the ‘Dead Dog’ Party on the night of Monday 27 March 1989.

Convention membership currently stands at $A 50.00 (attending) and $A 20.00 (supporting). The attending rate rises to $ A 60.00 as of August 1 1988.

This progress report contains information about our guests ( John Varley, Guest of Honour. Bob Shaw, Toastmaster and Paul J. Stevens, Fan Guest of Honour.), the hotel and many aspects of the convention itself. For more information, read on …

T.R.O.™ Progress Report 1 ….?

This is The Real Official Swancon 14 Progress Report, Number One, a fact which those of you who received PR’s 1, 2 and 3 previously may find somewhat confusing! Here’s the story…

Up to now, Swancon 14 has concentrated its promotion upon targeting other Australian conventions, producing small PRs to do so. With the advent of Conviction, our strategy changes. There will be four ‘major’ Progress Reports between now and Easter 1989, all of a similar size and format to this one. While the first will be generally distributed, the remaining three will be sent to members only. Swancon 14 will continue to publicise its existence to non-members using regular one- or two-page flyers.

Advertising is available for both the major PRs and the promotional flyers, the rates and publication schedule (for the PR’s) are listed below:

Major PR Flyers

Fan Pro Fan Pro
1/4 Page $5 $10 $5 $10
1/2 Page $10 $20
Full Page $15 $25

The Committee
Cindy Evans (Chairthingy). hing-Wing Chung (Financial Controller). Terry Chilvers (Secretary). Ian Nichols (Programming). Greg Turkich and Vanessa Leber (Hotel Liaison). Grant Stone (Awards). Gina Goddard and Elizabeth Bowyer (Publications). Daryl Colgan (Fund Raising). John Richards (Publicity).

Artistic Credits
Cover Art: Lewis Morley
Masquerade Cartoon: Annette Wilson
‘Antifan’: Cindy Evans from an original design by Paul Stevens.

Publication Deadline

PR2 October 1988 16 September 1988
PR3 New Year 1989 2 December 1988
PR4 March 1989 27 January 1989
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Swancon 14 – ‘The Real Official Progress Report 1’ – summary

Description and transcriptions by Anna Hepworth. As ever, typos faithfully replicated, and layouts and formats approximated only as much as can be done with trivial amounts of html.

The first ‘official’ progress report for SwanCon 14 was a 16 page, A4 sized booklet, saddle stapled together. The front cover has a Lewis Morley pencil drawing of a large robot mouse destroying buildings, including one inscribed with ‘Hilton’ down the side, and the words ‘SWANCON 14’ (at the top) and ‘THE REAL OFFICIAL PROGRESS REPORT 1’ (at the bottom) in the kind of font one more usually associates with circus posters and Ye Olde Wild West.

The inside front cover (p1) and pages 2 through 7 have material that will be transcribed later (convention summary, The Chairthingy’s Welcome, Convention news and information, How to have a Terrible Time at Swancon, Fan Fund information, a Few Programme notes, and information on The Masquerade).

Page 8 is a full page add for Tactics, to whit:

321 4860
W.A.’s biggest & best
gaming shop

For the widest range of:
* Games
* Accessories
* Minatures

in perth

Shop 35-40 City Centre Markets
Cnr Hay and William Streets, PERTH

Pages 9 and 10 contain potted biographies of John Varley (Guest of Honour), Bob Shaw (Toastmaster), and Paul J Stevens (Fan Guest of Honour) which will be transcribed later, while pages 11 and 12 have bibliographies for Varley and Shaw, which will not. More material to be transcribed later can be found on pages 13 and the inside back cover (The hotel, How to get to Swancon, Hotel booking form).

The back cover has a membership list containing 107 names (including guests), with two identified as ‘S’ (assumed to mean ‘supporting’) and nine listed as ‘P’ (any guesses?). One guest is singled out as being ‘WA’ — best guess is that there were multiple members of fandom with very similar (or the same) name. There is a small drawn silhouette that brings to mind the Spy v. Spy characters from M.A.D. magazine, holding what might be meant to be a lit bomb with the text “Go on, open the PR. It won’t bite ! ( It might explode, but it won’t bite ! )

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Wikipalooza at Swancon 42

We wikipalooza’ed at Swancon 42, acquiring information for the wiki from heads owned by people such as Sally Beasley, Ken McCaw, and Susan Margaret.

Articles that substantially increased in length included:

Swancon 5
Swancon 6
Confusion ’94
Swancon 2006

If you have recollections about these or other Swancons, get thyself a wiki account and edit away. Don’t worry if you don’t speak wiki-ese — content is more important than formatting, and one of us can come along later and apply the formatting. Or send us your reminisces, and we’ll paste them into the wiki ourselves.

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Twenty seventeen plan

Expect, gentle reader, for postings to be less frequent through 2017 than they have been in previous years (notwithstanding that they’ve been a bit sparse over the last couple of months anyway). This year we plan to focus on updating the wiki — going through the article for each Swancon in turn and ensuring that it reflects everything we know about that Swancon.

We also plan to add more to our flickr page.

We’ll keep the world posted with our progress.

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Swancon 2001 – Masquerade – Progress report 3 – Dave’s Rave

Being the Convenor’s report from the front page of a 10 pp A4 progress report. As ever, typos mostly faithfully reproduced…

Dave’s Rave

(Convenor’s Report)

I’m happy to say Swancon is really starting to come together. We are hard at work putting together what we think will be a great program. Its already off to a good start, with some great guests and some great events. I am particularly impressed with a fantastic response to our academic program. I am really looking forward to the con, and I hope you are too.

But remember, making a great con involves all the members, not just the con committee. This PR is the interactive one – you can offer to help, give us feedback on our draft program, and support the Ditmars and Tin Duck awards (and Australian and West Australian SF and fandom) by nominating work that you think deserves recognition.

The program is especially important – we are still putting it together, and still looking for program items and panelists, and now is the time to volunteer. While we are trying to include everyone, we really want people to approach us with ideas, so we can include the great diversity of fannish interests. We really want to hear ideas from everyone. We have a draft program, but the eventual program will be quite different – because is will be filled with YOUR ideas.

If you happen to be reading this in another state and wondering how you can make it to Perth for Swancon, check out the NAFF announcement elsewhere in the PR – there is a new fund to bring a fan interstate for the national convention each year. On behalf of the current natcon, I’d like to thank Grant* and Sue-Ann** for setting it up, and thank them for their effort (though you can blame me for the silly name).


* Watson
* Barber

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Masquerade Swancon 2001 progress report 2 — Dave’s Rave

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge – all typos faithfully reproduced.

Dave’s Rave

Swancon 2001 is pleased to announce that we will have as our International Guest of Honour Robert Silverberg, Hugo and Nebula award winner, and author of more than 100 sf books. As those who attended Worldcon in Melbourne last year will know, Robert is not only a talented and prolific writer but also a witty, knowledgeable, and entertaining speaker on almost any issue to do with science fiction.

Accompanying him will be his wife Karen Haber, also an sf writer and editor – we are very pleased to have her as well.

Robert should be a wonderful guest, and we are grateful to Harper Collins for their assistance in bringing him across.

While we are busy preparing for Swancon, we would also urge you to think about getting involved. We will have an art show and a short story competition in conjunction with the con, and a short film festival beforehand, all of which are great opportunities to show off some of the great talent that exists in Australian fandom. Another way you can get involved is by coming along to our open programming meetings. If you have some ideas for what you would like to see at Swancon, please come along and let us know, or email us if unable to attend. Swancon is a chance for everyone in fandom (in Perth particularly, but we really want national involvement) to share their interests, their enthusiasms, their ideas and most of all to get together and have a good time. So please let us know what you want to see, how we are doing, and what you would like to do – because its your con, the members, not ours.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to those who have offered to help Swancon in various ways. A particular thanks to Harper Collins Australia, to JAFWA, and to The West Lodge. All your contributions are valued.

And lastly, a big woohoo to Cathy Cuppitt, Swancon committee member and DUFF winner, who by the time you read this will already be on her way to Worldcon to spread the word about Australian fandom and Swancon. Have fun Cathy, and remember that you will be sharing the experience with us all in your DUFF report at the Con!

Convenor and Chairthingy

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